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Mitigating Falls in Elderly Patients in Acute Care Facilities (Essay Sample)


Combine all elements completed in previous weeks (Topics 1-4) into one cohesive evidence-based proposal and share the proposal with a leader in your organization. (Appropriate individuals include unit managers, department directors, clinical supervisors, charge nurses, and clinical educators.)
Obtain feedback from the leader you have selected and request verification using the Capstone Review Form. Submit the signed Capstone Review 
For information on how to complete the assignment, refer to "Writing Guidelines" and the "Exemplar of Evidence-Based Practice Capstone Paper."
Include a title page, abstract, problem statement, conclusion, reference section, and appendices (if tables, graphs, surveys, diagrams, etc. are created from tools required in Topic 4).
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center. An abstract is required.
Note: All Capstone Projects are to be submitted to the College. Please submit the Capstone Project Copyright and Distribution Form as well as an electronic copy of the Capstone Project itself


By NameGrand Canyon UniversityNRS 441V: Professional CapstoneInstructor:Date
Grand Canyon University
Capstone Project Copyright and Distribution Consent Form
Student Name (Last name, First name): __________________________ ___________________
Title of Capstone Project:_____ ________________________________ _________________
I grant permission to Grand Canyon University to:
* Deposit a digital version of my capstone project in the grand canyon university institutional repository;
* Store my capstone project in the institutional repository and make it available to students and staff of grand canyon university via the internet;
* Create a back-up copy of my capstone project for preservation purposes;
* Convert my capstone project, without changing the content, to any other format or medium necessary for preservation and storage of the thesis; and
* Permit end users of the institutional repository to download and use my capstone project for personal use of a non-commercial purpose.
I acknowledge the following:
* My Capstone Project is an original work, and I have the right to grant the permissions contained in this form
* My Capstone Project does not, to the best of my knowledge, infringe upon any third party's copyright, patent rights, invasion of privacy, or other rights of any person or entity;
* I agree to hold Grand Canyon University harmless from claims of infringement of copyright;
* I retain copyright rights and ownership of my Capstone Project;
* This agreement is non-exclusive, which means I may continue to work with my Capstone Project in its present or future version(s)
* I understand that my Capstone Project will remain in the Institutional Repository in perpetuity.
Signed: _________________________________ Date: ______ ____________________
The population of old people aged above 65 years of is increasing worldwide, with China posting 2.8 million elder people in its entire population. This population faces an increasing threat in falls attributed to visual problems, chronic diseases, inadequate lighting, unsafe footpaths, and foot wares, and prescribed drugs (Bell, 2015). The prevalence to falls among this group results in body injuries and fatal experiences that elongates their hospital stays and causes immense liability to hospitals. This also results patients developing additional complications, which increases medical costs. The susceptibility to falls among the elder population depends on the mobility, balance, and the leg strength. Therefore, the best approach towards solving this problem requires addressing the mentioned issues. Huang et al. (2012), suggests using a community based multifaceted approach, whereby the family and physicians shall aid the patients in normal daily routines to reduce prevalence of falls. The plan entails setting up safety standards and procedures such as patient education, using walking aids and patient response mechanism among others. Data on falls prevalence from patients shall be requisite during admission to gain knowledge on the susceptible individuals.
This study shall utilize a multifactorial and multifaceted approach in addressing falls among elder patients in acute health care facilities. This project proposal describes a new policy aimed at addressing the problem of falls in acute health care facilities and the implementation plans to affect the policy. All the facets of the approach shall aim to ease the burden on physicians and improve clinical outcomes on patients.
KEY WORDS: Falls; multifactorial; multifaceted interventions; ac...

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