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Dental radiology Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


I will attach the document. Please follow the instructions perciesly. I have wrote in red. some of the things you need to add in the paragprahs.


                                                    Dental Radiology

The following are the three CLOs for this course:

  1. Outline the principles of dental radiology to include detailed identification of x-radiation characteristics and radiology equipment.
  2. Practice traditional and digital x-radiation exposure with processing methods, and mounting of radiographs in preparation for direct patient care.
  3. Defend the value of various x-radiation exposure techniques with the goal of patient and clinician safety.


You are to create a thoughtful and reflective essay in a Word document that has 1-inch margins (all around), 12-font Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and you are to indent each paragraph. This essay must include a minimum of four paragraphs.  This essay may be written in the first person tense because this is your personal reflection. This reflective essay is to be written at a level that is indicative of your status as a junior in college. Maintain a professional or academic tone.  Avoid slang and use correct spelling and grammar. This means I am expecting college-level writing, using college-level words and sentence construction.

  • Expectations of Reflection: 

An introductory paragraph that describes the signature assignment:

1 Adult digital full mouth series (18 digital images)  

1 Adult digital horizontal bite-wings series (6 digital images) 

1 Panoramic image on the pano DXXTR 


How does what you learned through completing these competencies connect to the learning outcomes in this course (you must write about how they connect to at least 2 of the 3 CLOs)? Describe the gains you have made over the term in achieving the CLOs.

A paragraph (or more) that includes your reflection on:

What challenges did you face in completing this signature assignment? How did you address/troubleshoot them?

Some challeneges I faced while taking the full mouth series was making sure that there was no cone cuts  and have the correct horizontal and vertical angulation.  The dxxtr I had was giving me problems but I tried my best to take the radiogrpahs well.

What were your successes in completing this assignment?

My  successes in  completing this assignment was I was able to get a better at taking radiologrpahs.

A paragraph (or more) that discusses your learning in this course throughout the term:



Dental Radiology Exercise Reflection
Student Name
Institutional Affiliation
Dental Radiology Exercise Reflection
Introduction on the Activities of the Exercise
This assignment gave me a chance to take part in dental radiology. The practice involved taking a digital full mouth series, a digital horizontal bitewing series, and a panoramic image on the pano DXXTR. Despite the challenges faced during the exercise, it was interesting and informative.
The first exercise involved taking one adult digital full mouth series of 18 digital images. The full mouth survey taken was a series of individual images such as a combination of periapical and bitewing. We took the x-rays for patients who were new to our office. The initial images were used as a baseline on the health of their mouths. I also learnt that the images were taken when there was suspicion that the patients had a tumor or jaw cyst. We also used them in significant dental works like extractions, root canals, and treatment of gum disease.

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