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Cultural Safety (Essay Sample)

The essay must be written in Australian English.--- The document “Task” explain the requirement and the structure clearly.--- Kindly strongly consider both documents “Task” and “Marking criteria”.— Attached also an example essay of other student from last year. Use it as indication only, I am expecting better quality essay.— Use Headings.-- Most of the resources should be journal article. Use only books and journals articles. source..
Cultural Safety Name Course number Instructor’s name Date LO1: White governance has largely dominated the Australian health care system and has also been marred with culturally insensitivity. To address the inadequacies the Australian National Health Research council developed a guiding framework towards ensuring cultural competency for the Australian health sector. It aimed at informing health approaches on the importance of streamlining culture in health care delivery in different levels of health care delivery. This is because Australia is a multicultural set up and health care must be suitable to the prevailing cultural conditions. LO2: There is a mixture of historical, socioeconomic issues contributing to poor health among the indigenous population in Australia. For instances, Aboriginal people receive inadequate nursing care. A strategy to address health care needs of indigenous people is necessary owing to their high morbidity and mortality rates as compared to other segments of the population in Australia. They remain at disadvantaged socioeconomic position and the political and historical influences owing to colonization. Cultural factors in nursing influence the relationship between patients and nurses. There is a need to focus beyond the basic acknowledgement of cultural differences to incorporating a sense of focusing on the patient’s cultural experiences to protect and promote their identity. LO4 Principles of cultural safety demands that health care practitioners offer services that are culturally sensitive. They uphold the identity of the patients in a socially supportive way that enhances personal or cultural worth of the patients. Health practitioners require understanding the cultural underpinnings of indigenous groups in the population to promote and protect their cultural beliefs and uphold their identity and recognition as worthy members of the society. Part 1 B Briefly describe the relationship between racism and white privilege. Then discuss how cultural safety can overcome some of these issues. Scientific racism glorifies people of white skin colour as culturally superior to those with different colours. Whites are considered intellectually, morally, physically and socially superior owing to their biological make up (Eckermann, Dowd, Chong, Nixon, Gray, & Johnson, 2010). The genesis of racism in Australia can be traced to the colonial era where the colonizers ranked European immigrants, convicts and non-whites particularly the poor from the aboriginal descent very low in the hierarchy of humanity (Eckermann, Dowd, Chong, Nixon, Gray, & Johnson, 2010). The concept of whiteness in health makes reference to skin colour as well as the racial or western perspectives that suppress indigenous roles in the social structure. The western biomedical model is considered superior indicating racism existence of racism at the institutional level. There requires an overhaul in the health care policies to r...
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