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Nursing Care Models (Essay Sample)


Respond by Day 5 to at least three of your colleagues' postings in one or more of the following ways:
1-Ask a probing question.
2-Expand on the colleagues' postings.
3-Offer polite disagreement or critique, supported with evidence.
In addition to, but not in place of, the above you may:
Offer and support an opinion.
Validate an idea with your own experience.
Make a suggestion or comment that guides or facilitates the Discussion.
This is what the are responding to in their post---
To prepare for this Discussion, search the internet using the terms "Innovative Nursing Care Delivery Models". Review at least two innovative models. Also review this week's assigned readings, including ANA's Nursing Scope & Standards of Practice as they apply to your specialty area, ANA's Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nursing, and ANA's Nursing's Social Policy Statement. Then, respond to the following:
How will the model support the role of the professional nurse in meeting the needs of today’s health care consumer?
Which leadership skills are needed by the professional nurse to promote positive patient outcomes in this model?
How might this model of care change or support the role of the nurse as defined by ANA's Nursing Scope & Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, and ANA's Nursing's Social Policy Statement?


Nursing Care Models
Karen Brooks
The partner in care delivery of care model is crucial to the organization and delivery of caring goals (Musanti, O'Keefe & Silverstein, 2012). The partner in care is platform for achieving improved patient health, development and maintenance of a health care system that is both responsive and improved. It also plays a big role in the delivering quality care and lowering the costs at the same time. Other than coordinating teams around care delivery, the model also brings about transformation in the communication patterns, use of technology in time management and improving the patient outcomes (Musanti, O'Keefe & Silverstein, 2012).
Rebecca Curtis
Accountable care model is elemental to offering the best care delivery mechanisms relative to the patients’ objectives. In line with the models objectives, it is crucial that nurses have clear roles. This way the nu...
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