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Chronic Bronchitis: Inflammatory Disease Of The Bronchial Tubes (Essay Sample)


Analyze types of drugs prescribed to treat respiratory disorders.
Evaluate the impact of patient factors on the effects of prescribed drugs for respiratory disorders.
Evaluate drug therapy plans for respiratory disorders.
Assess the impact of asthma treatments on patients.
Analyze the stepwise approach to asthma treatment and management.
Understand and apply key terms, concepts, and principles related to prescribing drugs to treat respiratory disorders.


Chronic Bronchitis
Chronic Bronchitis
Chronic bronchitis is an inflammatory disease that is associated with inflammation of the bronchus tubes. Patients will experience a cough that brings up mucus, shortness of breath, low fever, tightness in the chest and wheezing. The patients tend to produce a lot of mucus which further complicates the ability to breathe (Medlineplus, 2018). It is commonly associated with patients that have been smokers, those that have worked or stayed in environments that have acute air pollution from dust and/or fumes for a long time. Given that it is chronic, it is a long-term disease and will keep coming back from time to time(Medlineplus, 2018).
There are number of drugs that can be administered to patients that are suffering from chronic bronchitis among them Avelox (WebMD, 2018). This is an antibiotic which is used to treat bacterial infections. The medication works to stop bacterial growth in the respiratory system (WebMD, 2018).
The factor of choice in this case is gender, where the research was directed at trying to establish if there is a relationship between being male or female to the administration of the drug. As it turns out, there is not an impact on the patients rel

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