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Healthcare Contracts (Essay Sample)

BHM443 :Module 1 TD Healthcare Contracts Most job offers are made verbally first followed by an written offier letter. Using the elements of a contract discussed on the home page, is this offer letter considered a legally binding contract? Why or why not? BHM443 :: Module 2 TD Discuss the concepts of "apparent agency" and "independent contractor status." What kind of liability is associated with each concept? Will the organization or employer also be held accountable for any misconduct based on these concepts? BHM443 :: Module 3 TD Identify and discuss the bypassing of informed consent in the civilian (non battlefield) context. Does a conscious adult patient ever have a right to refuse treatment when the physician knows death may result? Is there a different standard for children? BHM443 :: Module 4 TD As your course of study draws to a close, it is important to reflect on the new levels of understanding, skills, and knowledge that were developed as a result of the effort you put forth. Please take a moment and discuss some of the key concepts you learned and how these ideas will help as you continue through the program and in your chosen career. BHM443 :: Module 5 TD Please post one to two paragraphs regarding the areas of strength and weakness for this course. It could be a module or a particular assignment but try to think about what has helped you the most and vice versa. Lable each question as Module 1 thru Module 5 source..

Healthcare Contracts
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(21 July 2011)
Healthcare Contracts
Module 1 TD
A legal contract should have several elements, which include an offer expressing willingness to specific terms, acceptance expressing absolute and unconditional agreement to all terms, offer provision for counter offer and offer one mandate for a request for information. The written letter has all these elements making it a legal binding contract.
Module 2
The concepts of the apparent agency lie where the reciprocal rights and liabilities between principal and the agent reflect commercial realities. However, the concept of the independent contractor status lies where the critical business owners determine correctly without putting a lot of emphasis if the services are provided by the employees or independent contractors.
The liability of the apparent agency as actual apparent authority where the agent will not be liable for acts performed within the scope of such authority provided the...
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