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BHA 370 TD ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


According to Society for Human Resource Management (2018), “A strong culture is a common denominator among the most successful companies” (para. 5). Discuss the relationship between culture and strategy. Also, identify whether culture influences can make or break a strategic plan and explain your rationale.
Society for Human Resource Management. (2018). Understanding and developing organizational culture. To obtain article, Google (do not use a different search engine): “Understanding and developing organizational culture SHRM” to take you to https://www(dot)shrm(dot)org/resourcesandtools/tools-and-samples/toolkits/pages/understandinganddevelopingorganizationalculture.aspx


Organizational Culture and Strategy
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Organizational Culture and Strategy
An organizational culture entails the values, expectations, practices that define the unique environment of a business. It positively influences how employees or team members in an organization behave. According to the human resource management society, a healthy organizational culture plays a vital role in many organizations' success.
Relationship between culture and strategy
Organizational culture may get defined as a collection of values, practices, and attitudes that influence workers' behavior in an organization. On the other hand, a strategy can be described as the general plan to achieve one or several of an organization's long-term goals under conditions of scarce resources or uncertainty(Groysberg et al., 2018). The following aspects depict the relationship between culture and strategy;

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