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The Women’s Health Initiative Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Review the Women’s Health Initiative article in this week’s Learning Resources. Select one disorder presented in this study. Locate and select a research article that addresses current best practices for assessing and managing the disorder you selected. Be sure that the research article you select is from a reputable source. Describe the disorder you selected from the Women’s Health Initiative study. Explain the current best practices for assessing and managing this disorder as suggested in the research article you selected. Compare the best practices presented in the WHI study to the current best practices presented in the article. Explain how the differences in best practices might impact women’s health. Explain whether you think the current best practices in the article you selected should be used in clinical practice. Support your position with evidence-based research.


The Women’s Health Initiative
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The Women's Health Initiative Life and Longevity After Cancer (LILAC) study has unveiled important facts about cancer. In 2015, nearly 40 million women had cancer. One year later, in 2016, it was reported that the total number of women suffering from breast and other types of cancer was 56 million (Paskett et al., 2018, p. 126). The LILAC study has provided us with a chance to understand how cancer affects an extensive number of ladies, how to diagnose the disease and provide the victims with timely treatment. The goal is to diagnose and treat millions of women with breast, ovarian, colorectal, lung and endometrial cancers (Paskett et al., 2018).

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