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Forum 5: Stress Relieving Activities at Workplaces (Essay Sample)


Forum 5
What stress-relieving activities do you use or plan to use in the workplace? What would you expect
manager to do to decrease a new graduate's stress? (Nursing RN)


Stress Relieving Activities at Workplaces
Stress relieving activities at workplaces
Stress occur in workplaces, but when left unchecked, it can affect employee's levels of productivity. Stress is associated with several problems like high blood pressure, frequent headaches and lack of concentration that ultimately affects the overall performance. Some of the common stress relieving activities at workplaces includes fun team outing (Blomberg et al., 2016). At our office, employees attend baseball games to help them relax and spend time with other employees sharing food and the warm sunlight especially during spring. Bonding naturally occurs between coworkers during these trips, building strong relationships that mitigate stress or any other conflict (Blomberg et al., 2016).
Another stress relieving activity I see in my workplace is the ope

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