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Week 8 Assignment: Case Study RICA Prep Assignment (Essay Sample)


This assignment will require you to utilize the information gathered from the informal reading inventories (IRIs) from Weeks 4 & 7 and mirror the RICA case study in the RICA written examination practice test.
Read pp. 35–40 and 49–50 of the RICA written examination practice test ( I will attach).
Identify one strength and two weaknesses from the reading assessments you administered from Weeks 4 & 7. ( I have attached it- you did these orders)
Write a 500-to 600-word response to the following prompts:
First paragraph: Identify the strengths and needs of your student based on the assessments you gave in prior assignments. This will be the shortest paragraph in your response.
Second paragraph: Describe two different instructional strategies and/or activities to help the student you assessed. You will use strategies that will help build on strengths or address the needs you identified in the first paragraph. This might be your longest paragraph.
Third paragraph: In this paragraph, explain why the two strategies you chose in paragraph two will promote reading proficiency in your student.
Include citations in your responses and a references section consistent with APA style guidelines.


Week 8 Assignment – Case Study Rica Prep Assignment
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August 25, 2019
Developing a teaching plan that is tailored to the student’s needs is crucial for learning. Thus, an analysis of the student’s skills should always be done first in order to set the baseline for his improvement. In line with Week four’s and seven’s activity, it could be said that the student possesses a lot of strengths that gives a lot of potential for development. For example, Week four’s activity have shown that the student is already knowledgeable of the different high-frequency words, with regards to both its meaning and pronunciation. This strength is further complemented with the student’s quick pick up. However, the student still commits plenty of pronunciation and usage mistakes, especially when it comes to words that are harder to pronounce. He is also highly vulnerable to the unconscious use of monotonous expressions and voice.
In order to solve these problems, the teacher could utilize both (1) instructional media and (2) in-group discussions between students. On the one hand, the use of instructional media could significantly increase the meaning and pronunciation of a word more clearly by ‘placing’ the words within a context CITATION Gut14 \l 1033 (Gutierrez, 2014). In order to do this, the teacher could let the student watch videos specifically created about the matter and pose guide questions or quizzes at the end in order to ensure their attention and critical analysis of the film. In fact, the students could also be assigned a particular vide

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