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Relationship between Civic Education and Character Education (Essay Sample)


The first part has to be 1 pages and follow the instructions: Read What Motivates Youth Civic Involvement? What is the Relationship between Civic Education and Character Education? (School Improvement in Maryland, n.d.)

Apply these concepts of Civic Character to the Case Studies.
Identify one of the case studies in the required studies that resonates with you: Bayless Elementary School (, n.d.-a)
Ridgewood Middle School (, n.d.-b) or Westwood Elementary School (, n.d.-c)
Type your reaction to the case you chose by discussing the following:
Consider your Week 3 required studies; define civic character.
What are the particular character traits the leaders in your chosen school modeled and sought to develop in their students?
Explain how your chosen school's focus (or lack of) on community affects the civic development of students.
Reflect on the value of how the focus on community in schools can prepare students to thrive and succeed in a country made up of as diverse a citizenry as in the United States.
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.
The second part of the order is a SEPARATE 4 Pages essay:
Develop a personal statement and action plan for the conclusions you have come to after reading the course text (Seider, 2012). There are two parts to this assignment.
Part 1: Professional Philosophy of Character Education
Reflecting on the various components of character education, identify the area of emphasis you personally believe is most important to you as an educator (whatever your role may be). Write a 2-page reflective paper that articulates your stance toward character in your professional life. Use appropriate citations to your course readings and concepts.
Part 2: Action Plan
Based on the idea(s) you identified in part 1 of this assignment, identify two steps you plan to take as a result of this philosophy. You can choose to focus on your role in the classroom, other educational settings or relationships, or your roles as a leader in other work organizations or a family context. Write a 2-page description of your intended actions and the outcomes you hope will result from these actions.
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.


Youth Civic Involvement and the Relationship between Civic Education and Character Education
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Youth Civic Involvement and the Relationship between Civic Education and Character Education

Part A

Civic character is defined as the character of good citizens and includes traits such as community-mindedness, respect, and tolerance. Civic character, as Lickona (1997) pointed out, refers to responsible moral action which serves the common good. The identified case study is that of Bayless Elementary School. In this school in Missouri, character education was implemented that helped to improve the students’ sense of belonging in their school. Prior to the implementation of the character education, students did not have a sense of belonging in their school and this was having a negative impact on their academic work. Character Education Partnership (CEP’s) 11 Principles of Effective Character Education were used by the Principal Gina Siebe in guiding her efforts of turning the school around.

There are quite a few character traits that leaders at Bayless Elementary School sought to develop in their students. These include emotional connection at the school, a sense of belonging, goal-setting, and autonomy. Other traits include those supported by the CEP’s 11 Principles, for instance self-motivation, respect for others, persistence, personal responsibility, self-discipline, courage, punctuality, and civility.

Bayless Elementary School also focuses on community. This affects civic development of students in that it allows the students to develop desirable traits of private and public character that are essential to participate effectively in the community. The focus on community in schools could prepare the learners to thrive and succeed in a country that comprises as diverse a citizenry as in America in that it will enable them to engage effectively in civic involvement. They will become citizens who work towards goals that would benefit the society, take collective action, and engage with other people in social organizations (Ballard, 2014). In any democracy, it is desirable for the people to engage with other citizens and tackle civic matters.

Besides benefiting the society, civic involvement serves to confer psychological benefits like connection with others and empowerment, and individual political benefits like improving the likelihood that one’s interests would be represented in political processes (Ballard, 2014).

Part B

Part 1: Professional Philosophy of Character Education

Reflecting on different aspects of character education, the area of emphasis that I personally believe is most important to me as an educator is virtues. Specifically, the virtues of respect and responsibility are the most significant. Responsibility is understood as a person doing what he/she is supposed to be doing, and doing his or her best job. Responsibility in my professional life is about my actions causing negative outcomes or positive results. By acting responsibly, I am a responsible educator who does things that I am supposed to be doing, which bring about positive outcomes. I strive to avoid acting in a manner that is irresponsible. This is because to be irresponsible in my professional life means that I fail to do what I am supposed or expected to do, resulting in negative outcomes. In essence, I always make sure that I live up to my responsibilities. Responsibility enables me to create morals and principles, and allows me to be a responsible educator (Sieder, 2012). Being a responsible professional allows me to be more reliable as I gain the trust of other people, more independent since assuming the outcomes of my deeds helps me in making better decisions, and more hones...

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