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Critical Literacy Events (Essay Sample)

WRITER REQUEST: I would like Writer # 13 to write this essay. Hi Writer. I am a student studying Primary Education at Monash University. This assignment needs to be writen as if you are me and you have been working in a school (Bayswater South P.S. if you choose to use it - http://www(dot)baysouthps(dot)vic(dot)edu(dot)au/). I live in Melbourne, Australia so the events must relate to here. Thanks. ASSESSMENT DESCRIPTION: In this assignment you will document 2 literacy events that you have observed or participated in during weeks 1 - 6. These events could take place in the home, community or classroom. Using the Reflective model based on ALACT (Korthagen), you will analyse each event to demonstrate your understanding of literacy teaching and/or learning as detailed in the various topics covered during weeks 1 - 6. Topics Covered were: 1 Introduction to unit - Language Literacy and Learning 2 New Literacies - Literacy for the 21st Century 3 The Importance of oral language 4 Reading and writing 1 5 Reading and writing 2 6 Spelling, grammar and phonics For example you may have witnessed a reading session in a local library and describe what you saw and heard in relation to what you have learned about teaching reading in Weeks 4 and 5. You will need to support your reflection by reference to the various readings and resources and your own research. You will also be required to outline your evolving beliefs about your role as a teacher of literacy and describe how what you have learned might be translated into your future professional practice. Finally the different stages of the ALACT model will be used appropriately. A description of how to use the ALACT model can be found at http://prosolva(dot)org/spip/spip.php?article65 CRITERIA FOR ASSESSMENT: - 2000 words (not including references) - An analysis of two literacy events using the Reflective model based on ALACT (Korthagen) - Analysis demonstrates an understanding of effective literacy teaching and/or learning - Analysis supported by the various readings and materials presented in the course - Analysis demonstrates a developing position on own professional identity as a teacher of literacy - Work is well presented including proofreading for spelling and grammatical errors and consistent and accurate referencing. Sorry about the file uploads. My computer had a bit of a meltdown. If you have any queries at all, please ask. Id rather you ask than assume. Thanks so much in advance for your hard work :) source..
Running Head: Literacy Events
Critical Literacy Events
Two Literacy Events
In this study I have focused two events which I witnessed. The first event was Music festival and book reading session in school.
Event 1:
Music rehearsal and practicing event: oral language skills.
In the primary school section, Carol is assigned the role of auditioning in the school music festivals. She is happy about taking the new role and looks forward to the finals. Carol feels enthusiastic and has great interest in music. She is committed in taking the children through the rehearsals. The organizers have looked for competitive festivals. Various schools in Melbourne have been categorized into groups each consisting of five schools. The winner in each category will proceed to the next level.
The school community expects the maintenance of traditions: converts, Christmas shows, and festivals. Music performances will be conducted to parents and governors are a way of publicizing and promoting the school. Carol understands that the management expects excellent performances from the children. It is therefore expected that the children will produce great performances that will enable them reach the finals.
Carol is focused on the upcoming events. She organizes children into groups of eight comprising of four boys and four girls from each grade. The various groups will rehearse the orchestra as well as the various dances. (Phase 1: Action)
During supervision, Carol realized that that some children are not taking the training serious. She goes ahead to identify the children who have continuously missed the training sessions. She then calls them by turns, asking them the reasons for their absentia. She then encourages the children to attend all training sessions. To further encourage the best performance, Carol presents gifts to the best performer in each group (Phase 2: Looking back)
The children continue with the rehearsals each day and are punctual in their time. This allows for proper preparation. Carol has chosen several songs for the children in line with the theme of the music festival. Carol has designated one song for each group. She shall oversee the training and rehearsing. The songs to be sung include the following: Child of Tomorrow by Mark Patterson, Riversong by Roger Emerson, Rockin’ Robin by J. Thomas and to be arranged by Roger Emerson, Let the Song Begun by Piea Cantiones which will be arranged by Don Malin. (Phase 3: Awareness of the essential aspects)
Carol then decides to hire professional music teachers to undertake the task of training the children. By doing this she reduces the monotony of the children having to be taught by the same teachers all the time. In turn the children respond well to the new teachers which in turn results in wins in most of the categories the children participated in the final music festivals. (Phase 4: Creating an alternative m...
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