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Infants And Attachment: Key Stage In The Development (Essay Sample)


According to Bowlby and Ainsworth's theoretical and empirical work, infants come into the world predisposed to attach primarily to one person only, usually the mother. All other attachments are affiliative (or, secondary). As you know, this has been called into question by researchers such as Michael Lamb who looked at paternal attachment. The research on attachment in different cultures, particularly those cultures in which children are cared for by more than one caregiver, also provides evidence to suggest that infants can attach to more than one primary caregiver.
Let's have a friendly debate. Please take a stand for or against this issue. Your argument can be:
a) conceptual - arguing for or against Bowlby's claim, supported by Ainsworth's research, that infants are ethologically predisposed to have a primary attachment to only one person;
b) or empirical - describing affiliative attachments, showing how they are different from primary attachments.


Infants and Attachment
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Date Infants and Attachment
The key stage in the development of an infant all but involves forming attachments. However, it only takes place with close confidants, and this is the reason why the parents become their favorites. It is vital for the babies in their first months to have compassionate care as well so that there are no complications regarding development. On the same case, connecting is very natural for human beings, but babies mainly develop an attachment to the person who becomes their main caregiver during their early days after birth. All the same, since there are variations about how and who gives the care, the opinion by Bowlby and Ainsworth that infants are predisposed to attach to only one person primarily is not factual. In this case, they can connect to more than one person as Michael Lamb claims.
The reason behind multi-attachments stems from the fac...
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