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Good will hunting by Gus Van Sant. Education Essay (Essay Sample)


The movie i am going to analze is called"'Good will hunting"byGus Van Sant .
this is the course about education.
1.write why i choose this movie as education, how does this movie relate to what is edcucation for.
2.The goal is to analyze the different perspectives of popular culture about schooling and learning and to develop a critical approach based on the course material and discussions. DO NOT summarize the film!
3.After watching the film on your own time, you will write an analysis that includes the following:
• Brief account of the film setting (historical circumstances, educational philosophy, etc.)
• Role and relationship among students, teachers, parents, and administrators
• Pedagogical approaches
• Links to the course material
• Your personal interpretation of the circumstances and characters of the film related to your own
schooling experience and your role as future educator.


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Psychological movies usually lean more to the unconventional theoretical analyses that result in an anticlimactic event. “Good Will Hunting” is one of these movies. This revolves around a mathematical genius who seems to have a pleasant sight for premonitions, thereby purposely sabotaging his interpersonal relationships and well-being, so as not to encounter relationship failures in the future. He struggles to find his identity rendering his talent in Mathematics useless (Van Sant, Williams, Damon, Driver, & Skarsgard, 1997).
We might all be thinking that it is quite ironic that the protagonist purposely sabotages his own relationships, but he maintains his excellent relationship with his psychologist. 

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