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Educational Systems: George Farkas' Reading Program (Essay Sample)


Please read the 2 attached articles and do an analysis in your own viewpoint answering the following 7 questions with a minimum of 250 words. Use APA format.


Educational Systems
Questions and Solutions
1 George Farkas outlines a reading program, essentially staffed by volunteers, that focuses on the needs of at-risk children in K-3. Describe the characteristics of this program.
Answer:The students under the programs are selected for the tutoring based on their performance. The students are selected for tutoring based on their performance. The tutoring process takes between 30 and 35 minutes. Besides, the lessons strengthen the competence in children with specific standards and curriculum areas as well as enhance the promotion of skills. The program embraces a formative assessment process in the identification of the strengths of children in different areas for growth in the five domains of learning. Thus, it attends to the child wholly in terms of family, culture, health and early childhood experiences as it is an integral part of the instruction and learning processes. Hence, the program entails cognitive development, emotional-social development, health and physical development and language development as well as communication.
2 How ‘successful' was Farkas' program in helping to teach disadvantaged children the skills and concepts necessary to succeed in school?
Answer: the Farkas' program is essential in helping the disadvantaged children in their skills and concept. Therefore, its success was moderately high with 7.3 months. The tutors have the skills and properly understand the concepts from the success of all Tutors' manual. The manual has detained components for all sessions and assessment techniques for determining skill levels for the students. Besides, the tutors are under continuous observation and given feedback by their lead teachers who use checklist evaluation to identify areas that require improvements. However, the succe

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