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People With Major Mental Disorders Bi-Polar Disorder, Major Depression (Essay Sample)


To complete this assignment, research your specialized population in the context of substance use disorder. You will need to research this population and cite at least three proper sources.
Must Answer These Assignment Questions:
1. Identify what are factors that raise the risks for developing a substance use or gambling disorder among this specific population?
2. Besides the expected negative effects of substance use or gambling disorder, what are other specific negative effects of addiction on this specific population?
3. How can culture and cultural beliefs impact the risk and severity of develop a substance use disorder or gambling disorder for this population?
4. What barriers and challenges need to considered when treating members of this specific population?
5. How might these barriers and challenges be overcome to serve affected people among this population?
6. Discuss how treatment or prevention may need to be adjusted to effectively serve individuals for this specific group.


A Research Paper on People with Major Mental Disorders:
Bipolar Disorder and Major Depression
July 2019
This paper elucidates on the causes and effects of a few Mental Disorders that this research focuses upon. The aim of this paper is to answer questions that will show whether these mental disabilities could lead to far more worst situations and consequences that could greatly affect not only the life of the patient but also of the people closest to him. Valid and legal sources are used to explain the factors that could lead to drastic behavioral challenges. These sources will help the readers have a fuller grasp of the topic at hand.
According to National Institute of Mental Health (2019) that a person with Bipolar Disorder is manic depressive wherein the brain leads to sudden shifts in levels of activities, emotions, moods and the capability to perform daily tasks. Bipolar Disorder ranges from mild to worst whereby the mood changes from energized to suddenly lonely, sad and depressed. Moreover, research made by the Mental Health America (2019) stated that about 20% of America’s crowded population suffers of depression and only 12% report about their sickness to seek for professional help. As the years have gone by, more and more people are becoming stressed, agitated and frustrated of the status quo of their lives thus leading into depression. The stages of depression also varies from melancholy to suicidal intents. Either way, mental health disorders causes harm to one’s self and to others. It must be addressed and treated as soon as possible.
Factors that raise the risks for developing a substance use or gambling disorder among the mentally depressed

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