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The Case Against the Reds (1920) by A. Mitchell Palmer (Essay Sample)


Choose ONE of the following documents
The Case Against the Reds (1920) by A. Mitchell Palmer (Links to an external site.)AND The Red Scare is Un-American (1920) by William Allen White (Links to an external site.)
* For this option, please read both of the above, and compare/contrast them in your assignment*
OR, you may read ONE of the following:
Share our Wealth (1935) by Huey Long (Links to an external site.)
The Call to Negro America to March on Washington (1941) by A. Philip Randolph (Links to an external site.)
The Truman Doctrine (Links to an external site.)
Brown vs. Board of Education (Links to an external site.)
Peace without Conquest by Lyndon B. Johnson (Links to an external site.)
The Meaning and Consequences of Watergate (Links to an external site.)

In a Word document, write 750-900 words about the document you chose, including the following:

Provide a historical context of the document – using the textbook or power points, provide an understanding of what is going on in the time period
Provide a summary of the document, including the author(s) or any other important information (what information do we know about the author, when and where they wrote the document, and how that document might be biased when considering those facts?)
How does this document fit into the historical context?

You are NOT ALLOWED to use outside sources for this assignment. You must use only the textbook, notes from the PowerPoint, and the document itself.

Make sure to check your assignment for spelling and grammar.


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Share Our Wealth
The article was written in the context of the great depression that occurred in the year 1926 to 1932. Huey Long was elected to be a part of the US senate in the year 1932 when the nation was making all attempts to reduce the depression. The governor made history by his effort of using state funds and power to improve the social services that were being offered to the Americans. He also builds bridges, roads and schools and reformed tax codes. In 1935, Huey broke up with president Roosevelt and launched a movement named "share Our Wealth." This movement was an alternative to the New Deal. However, he was assassinated in 1935, but he had already made grassroots to be followed in regard to his movement.
The chapter further outlines the various grounds of the movement. They believed that every family in America should own a homestead whose value is not less than one-third of the average family wealth. The family wealth is estimated to be $16000 and, therefore, every family is entitled to own a home of not less than $5000 (Share our Wealth (1935). In addition, families would not be allowed to own more than three hundred times of the family wealth. This was a great way of equally distributing wealth and resources in order to reduce the impacts of the great depression. This idea is relevant in the current world whereby people are facing unequal distribution of wealth. The rich keeps on accumulating wealth while the poor continue to live in bad conditions whereby, they can barely afford basic needs. Hence, in an attempt to reduce the gap between the poor and the rich, measures have to be taken to ensure the equal distribution of wealth.
As well, the chapter also advocates that the American families should have an income of at least one-third of the average family income. This is also another way of equally distributing wealth. However, this point uses the assumption that all individuals are allowed to work. In an economy tha

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