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Real Life Poetry: Live Life To Its Fullest (Essay Sample)


Please read this! Thanks
Just write a 500 words poetry, and it's better closer to real life, suck like news feeling, thug life, or something else. But is need to show a feeling to real world.
And I will upload the General Criteria for this poetry, please follow this.


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Live Life to Its Fullest
When you are up against numerous troubles,
Meet life smoothly, face to face,
Don't worry if it doesn't treat you well,
Life is not a bed of flowers, but an endless journey,
It has lots of challenges,
And a lot of problems;
I just want to say,
Live life to its fullest,
Take things lightly, and don't get upset,
Set your shoulders and lift your chin,
Take a brace and plant your feet,
When there is a problem, make your mind,
Don't get upset, don't feel sad,
Just keep going, just keep moving,
Do your best, leave the rest;
You may fail, but you will conquer,
The clouds may be black,
Surrounding you everywhere,
The sun is there, willing to shine,
Your future isn't grim if you keep going,
Keep working hard, even when you're alone;
Don't feel tired, when you keep going,
Life is an endless journey,
You just need to understand,
Spite of everything you can do,
Look for the best,
See it through,
Keep your expectations high;
There will be times,
When you are alone,
God is there, in distant skies,
He will guide,
He will help,
Why are you worried,
When He is there;
The miracles will happen one day,
You will taste all bitter truths,
You will taste the good things too,
You will hear the sounds coming from the heave,
That will surely motivate you,
Just don't leave your hope at any point;
Even hopes have been lost,
And troubles have surrounded,
Keep an eye on your acts,
Just be prepared,
Whatever you do in life

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