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Sherry Kramer: Hold For Three Friends (Essay Sample)



WHAT IT IS: This is kind of a combination of homework assignment/journal entry/take-home quiz/ticket to get in the classroom.  For at least 10 works of assigned literature this semester, you need to turn in a “skill check,” which means you need to answer the following questions and post them in the appropriate D2L Drop Box. 

WORD COUNT: Approximately 200 words seem to be what it takes to answer these questions well for some people, but if you’re not good at being concise and specific at the same time, it might take you more words. 

NOTE: in order to qualify for a snapshot, the piece needs to be poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, drama, or a screenplay.  It should NOT be a chapter or part of a chapter from the how-to parts of our textbooks. Ask me if you have any questions. 

If you’re writing about poetry & it’s a short poem, you may need to write about 2-3 poems to get up to the word count. 

FORMAT: Please number them.  Make them look like the numbered list below. You don’t have to copy the question, but it’s fine if you do—if you do, though, keep in mind your word count will need to be a little higher. 

  1. Author?  Title of the piece?
  2. One-to-two sentence summary (What happens?  What’s it about?)
  3. One-to-two sentence analysis of FORM (Diction? Sentence length? Literary devices? Imagery? Voice? Other sub-categories from the rubric? Be sure to say in a plain way what the author is doing, and use vocabulary from the class.)
  4. IMITATION:  Write a piece in which you try to imitate something from the piece.  This could be anything you’ve mentioned in #3 or #4.  Also explain, in the end, what it was you were imitating.

DEADLINES:  These are posted in the schedule.  You can’t save them up and turn them in at the end.  I might be able to grade some earlier than the deadlines—talk to me.  You also need to do the readings as we’re doing them—you can’t do Ellen Gilchrist’s “Revenge” at the end of the semester, for example.


1. Author: Sherry Kramer
Title of piece: Hold for three
2. Summary:
The story revolves around three friends out on the beach waiting to view the moon. The three friends, Scottie, Batley, and Ed. Scottie spots the moon rising while Ed takes a huge breath of air. Both Scottie and Batley challenge Ed to hold his breath longer by using different motivational techniques until the moon fully comes out. Ed collapse after holding his breath for only three minutes. Ed did not manage to hold his breath long enough to see the full moon. Both Scottie and Bartey finally see the beautiful moon without bothering much about Ed. Ed manages to raise his head and agrees with his friends that the moon is indeed be

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