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Personal Respondsibility (Essay Sample)

APA Format Resource Red(High) Yellow(Medium) Blue(Low) No Flag View/Print Flag Message Mark as unread Hi Class, Using APA format for the first time can be a little intimidating. Therefore, I wanted to share a few quick tips. You can use this as a checklist, if you would like. Then you can add/delete from this list as you become more comfortable using this format. · Title Page- your papers will need a title page. You need the title of your paper, your name, the title of the class, the university name (optional), date, and facilitator's name. · You will need to create a page header with a running head and page numbers. If you try to type this manually on each page, it will not work. · You need the title of your paper centered at the top of your first page. · Indent your paragraphs with one tab. · You do not need an abstract. · Avoid additional level-headings. These are only for lengthy papers. · Include resources in your work. Usually at least 2 or more. Include a reference page. · You need at least a 5 paragraph essay. (introduction, at least 3 supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion) · Double-space your paper · Use Times New Roman, 12pt. font · Avoid the use of contractions- write the words out · Avoid the use of rhetorical questions. Rewrite as statements. · Always use third person narrative unless otherwise instructed by your facilitator · Avoid “filler” information. Provide the greatest amount of information using the least number of words. Please keep a few things in mind: · Writing skills are not developed over night. It takes time and practice to become good writers. Be kind to yourselves. · APA format is simply a tool to help us communicate in the same language. It keeps everyone on the same page. So, what you learn in this class you can apply to your next class, and so on. Hopefully with each new class, you will pick up another skill. · There are tools available to help with APA format: o Write Point- this will identify certain APA errors. Like if you use contractions, you will see a suggestion to write the word out. If you use first person, you will see a suggestion to change your word to third person. o River Point Writer- This resource is like a template that will format your paper for you. It will help you use the correct margins, font, etc. o Center For Writing Excellence- There is a Sample Paper in the CWE written in APA format. The body of the paper contains helpful information, too. But the main purpose of the sample paper is to give you a visual idea of what your paper should look like. o website o APA manual- Since you are going to be writing a lot of papers at UOP, and APA format is the standard requirements, it may be worth it to purchase the manual. This can serve as a reference guide whenever you have a question about something. I used my manual on a daily basis! J So, hopefully this will get you started. Please remember if you have any questions, just post them! J Good luck! @@@ source..
Personal Responsibility Your name) (Course instructor) (Course title) (Date of submission) Personal Responsibility refers to the actions and decisions one takes and assuming responsibility on what these actions and decisions so taken will result into. Personal responsibility is an essential human capability that assists people in dealing with all sorts of situations or circumstances accordingly and properly. Personal responsibility does not only affect aparticualar individual, but also those around him or her. This unique human ability is nonetheless forced upon an individual. Rather, it is focused on one’s willingness to do so. However, there quite few individuals who are dedicated to practice personal responsibility with regard to the results of the decisions they make or the actions undertaken by them. In the case of failure of their actions or decisions, many individuals like to blame an unwarranted scenario which they are in while many others find excuses for the bad happenings. If individuals decide to abandon personal responsibility, then the world would not be in order and would be quite chaotic. Personal Responsibility involves taking a step and keeping the drive in forward moving. Irrespective of the way selected by one, the important element is responsibility taking and learning from the mistakes and avoiding future occurrence. It is an individual’s obligation and not setting the blame for failure on others. Each person has a responsibility in making sure that his or her character in spite of the way he or she was brought up and the received conditioning were appropriate. This responsibility also involves being accountable for your own wealth, health, happiness and success. People should be ready themselves for personal responsibility whether they like it or not. They must accept it even for the failures created by their decisions and actions. This is because in life, there are always con...
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