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Decision alternatives on Chemical disposal (Essay Sample)

You are working at PSU Chemicals. Some of the chemical waste that your company produces is stored in a warehouse at an off-site location. While inspecting the warehouse, you notice several leaking drums. You decide to call Dan, head of the Chemical Waste Division at PSU. Dan responds, \"I\'ll be right over with a crew to bring the leaking drums back to our manufacturing facility.\" You tell Dan that it is your understanding that the EPA forbids returning chemical waste to the manufacturing facility. Dan replies, \"I know, but I don\'t have any confidence that the off-site folks will handle this properly. We know how to handle this best. It might not be the letter of the law, but our handling the waste is clearly a better option and it captures the spirit of the EPA regulations.\" You spent some time thinking about this, and have considered several OPTIONS: 1)Tell Dan that you will inform his superior if he goes ahead with his plan. 2)Inform Dan that you will not interfere with his plan, but you will not help in any way. 3)Advise Dan not to go ahead with his plan, but decide not to interfere if Dan insists on going ahead. 4)Help Dan with his plan so that you can insure that the waste is handled properly. INSTRUCTIONS: Prepare an approximately 2-page essay discussing the pros and cons of all four options. Explain what you would do and why (which could include something different than the four options listed above). Defend your recommendation by making reference to appropriate guidelines where possible. source..

Decision alternatives on Chemical disposal
The professional code of conduct requires that individuals should exercise due diligence in their work. Inspection of chemical disposal is a vital role that helps to minimize incidences of negligence, or accidents. Thus, regulations in the form of laws are there to ensure that people follow the guidelines in handling chemicals in order to ensure that the public is adequately protected. Inspectors ought to adhere to the set guidelines without fear or favor, the scenario of the leaking drums presents a challenge on what to consider between public safety and profit motive. Thus, there is a need to look into the pros and cons of the available options.
The first option is to tell Dan that I will report him to his superior; this strategy may be effective as Dan is unlikely to continue handling the toxic chemicals. In case of a lawsuit, my defense would be that I took all necessary steps to avoid breaking the law and there is no negligence on my part. However, this strategy may back fire if the management agrees with Dan’s position they may intimidate all who are against the decision.
Informing Dan that I will not interfere with the plan, but will also not help him is another option available. This strategy is effective if proved that Dan did this without consultation, but he clearly knew it was wrong. Therefore one can s...
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