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Graduates Need Financial Help (Essay Sample)

Three body paragraphs of a single, five-paragraph essay. REMEMBER: WRITE ONLY THE THREE BODY PARAGRAPHS; WE'LL WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK TO DISCUSS AND DEVELOP INTRODUCTIONS AND CONCLUSIONS. College students are often asked to write essays in which they give reasons to support a change in the status quo or explain an event. For this assignment, choose a topic about which you feel strongly and a difference of opinion is likely. Write a statement expressing your point of view, a thesis statement. Then, present three reasons that support your point of view. Each reason will become the topic sentence of a body paragraph. Each paragraph should expand and support your reasons, use cause and effect to predict the future, and/or anticipate opposing views. These three paragraphs will be persuasive in purpose. Paragraphs should average eight(8) sentences in length. The thesis statement should be clearly labeled in bold typeface. The topic sentence of each paragraph should be underlined or highlighted. You may choose any topic that is suitable for persuasion. source..

Graduates Need Financial Help
Graduates Need Financial Help
It will be of benefit for students who join university right after high school to take a finance course. Many of these students normally take loans to pay fees, and cover the costs of their upkeep. According to the recent research, it is estimated that a student graduating from university spends at least $20,000. Much of this amount is normally borrowed from several lenders. The most amazing thing is that, students rarely take note of the amount they have spend in their studies even after graduation. By the time they realize how much they owe, the sum is usually too high due to the huge interests imposed on it. If students could take a financial course during their life in university, it could help them evade sum of the spending habits, by effectively setting budgets according to the amount of money they possess.
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