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Character Research and Identification (Essay Sample)



Each group member writes the following sections:

Character research and identification: Talk with at least three people (family members, associates, friends, employers), asking them to identify what they believe to be your strongest character qualities (honest, hardworking, dependable, committed, persistent, intelligent, etc.). Then, ask them to give you a specific time/situation when you demonstrated this quality and benefit. Now report your research into your strongest character qualities, identify the character qualities each person identified and the situation where you demonstrated that quality. This is critical; this is the first step in discovering how you can differentiate yourself from the multitude. The most important things you are getting from this assignment are your stories, what you have accomplished because of your character qualities. It is your stories that will sell you to the prospective employer.

Desired Company Identification: Determine which company, of all the companies in the world,  that you would most like to work for. Write a one-page description of the company and its founder or CEO. Include the job position you will first hold at the company. Then create a description of your preferred career path. The career path should include the following: Entry job, 5-year goal, 10-year goal, and 15-year goal. I have suggested that the career path could be a table and would therefore meet the requirement for a figure.

Interview Questions: Write your response to three typical interview questions. Here are some questions that I like:

What are your greatest strengths?

What is your most significant weakness?

Why should I hire you?

Give me an example of a time you had too much to do and felt overwhelmed, how you responded, and the result?

Ultimately the choice is yours, just remember:


While the question answers must relate to your character research, you don’t necessarily need to state

the exact character quality, but the specific example is essential and must be directly related to your character research, both for the report and to enhance your potential of obtaining the job of your choice.

For example, if asked the question, “What is your greatest strength?” you could respond something like this: “My greatest strength is my persistence. For example, I got singled out by my boss recently for my efforts in organizing files that had not been touched in over three years. My boss remarked that my persistence in completing the task impressed him very much.”


 Character Research
Institutional Affiliation;
Character Research and Identification
In determining my character and identifying my potentials in different areas, I decided to carry out research that involved three key players who had a vast knowledge of what made me. These here parties were my family members, friends and business associates. Both the parties held closely related views of my character that are critically pointed out in this paper. To begin with, my parents said that I am an outgoing person and during my youthful moments, I loved participating in social events that involved large crowds.
My talkative nature and gregariousness according to them depicted my outgoing nature, a factor that clearly explains why I am active in several activities. Some of my friends, on the other hand, viewed me as an extrovert and pointed that I seemed impulsive. They mentioned that in many instances where we had several community initiatives, I would act first then think later or rather make quick decisions. My cheerful nature including my optimism and assertive nature were also some of the key areas that my friends pointed out. For instance, they mentioned that I would not give up on anything even when there seemed to be no other way.
My business associates also had a different view of some of the characters they had identified in me. For them, the depicted the creativeness that I displayed in various initiatives we had undertaken jointly. They mentioned that I was full of original ideas and quick to develop new perspectives. One of the associates mentioned one instance in which we needed extra funds to finance a business setup we had planned to open. He mentioned that according to them, they only had one approach to raising the needed funds for the business. However, I came up with a noble and productive thought that brought out a new idea of how we would acquire the finances loan free.
My parents also pointed to one of my characters that they considered a strong selling point of who I am. They mentioned that I had the ability and capacity to soar above many of my problems like an eagle. An instance of this was seen when I would see solutions out of problems. This was also supported by my friends who mentioned that I was good at putting things in a proper perspective. I also had the capacity to ignore that which is of no importance and rather focus on the significant and real things that are of meaning.
Another feature that was mentioned by my business associates was that of goal orientation. They believed that I had all it took to do things rather than think how to make such things happen. The energy I display in doing things and the long working hours that I took in accomplishing goals and targets were they key areas that were associated with this features. Many a times, I believe in having a clear destination and setting a specific and clearly defined goal in order to get things done in a systematic manner.
Lastly, my friends and family agreed on one character that is also relevant in my professionalism. They said that I am also a determined individual, and I always take pleasure in achieving and completing tasks no matter what it takes. Many of the initiatives we have carried out in the community with my friends, I would work hard to reach the desired goals and handle all the obstacles that would arise in the course of the work.
Company Description
In determining the Company of my choice, I would prefer working at the Showroom Logic, which is an innovative technological entity that centrally focuses on the automobile industry. This company is known for its efforts in offering automated and proprietary software tools that enable the automobile dealers to approach different clients through an internet based marketing approach (PR, N. 2014). The company has over the past yea...
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