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An Analysis of Mr. Jones Bipolar Disorder I Condition (Essay Sample)

see the movie " Mr. Jones (bipolar) " and follow attachment of the instructor guideline (please read all three pages carefully). this assignment worth 30% of the class grade so do your best source..
Character: Mr. Jones
Movie: Mr. Jones
AXIS I:Clinical Disorders
Other Conditions That May Be a Focus of Clinical Attention
296.43Bipolar Disorder I, Most Recent Episode Manic, Severe Without Psychotic Features, With Catatonic Features, With Rapid Cycling
AXIS II:Personality Disorders
Mental Retardation
V71.09 No diagnosis
AXIS III: General Medical Conditions
ASIX IV:Psychological and Environmental Problems
AXIS V:Global Assessment of Functioning Scale
Score = 30
Time Frame: On admission
An Analysis of Mr. Jones` Bipolar Disorder I Condition
This paper is concerned with the analysis of the mental condition of Mr. Jones, played by Richard Gere, in the movie with the same name, Mr. Jones. The analysis is limited to the first time that Mr. Jones was taken into medical care, during one of his manic experiences, and his overall condition that was depicted in the movie.
In the movie, Mr. Jones is shown to experience extremely elevated moods which were soon followed by severe depressions. According to what was shown in the movie, Mr. Jones` manic episodes are characterized by behavior that is highly enthusiastic, energetic and unrealistically optimistic. As a result, when he goes through a manic episode he tends to display an increase in the rate of speech, compared to other times, and somewhat irrational behavior and judgments regarding the use of money or an overall account of his activities, which were shown to include the belief and desire to accomplish the gift of flight. These manic episodes are soon followed by depressive episodes, which are generally characterized by general sadness, hopelessness, apathy, decreased focus and a seemingly decreased ability to perform mental tasks, and suicidal tendencies. However, it is important to note, that during his sessions with his psychiatrist, he is able to identify and accurately express himself and his feelings as he experiences them. Also, as far as societal functioning is concerned, sometimes, his manic episodes are seen to be taken well by those around him. However, a lot of his actions are seen to be obviously irrational, which are bound to be harmful to him in the long run. For example, generously distributing money to individuals so that they can have a good lunch, or spending impulsively on items such as a piano and concert tickets without any prior plans demonstrate his inability to handle himself in the social world, while he is caught in one of his mood swings. Also, it is ...
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