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Quality Leadership Essay (Essay Sample)


1. Integrating terminology and concepts from the text in chapter 11, describe the quality of leadership within your organization.
Chapter 12
1. Identify the factors responsible for creating organizational culture for transmitting it, and getting it to change.
2. Define organizational spirituality (this is not in the textbook; explore other sources).
3. What role if any does spirituality play in an organization.
4. Discuss the organizational spirituality within your organization.
Please remember to support your answers with textbook citations and a peer-reviewed/scholarly journal.
You should have three to four supporting materials for your original discussion post. 
Please supply references at the bottom of your post with proper APA referencing for your sources, and include APA formatted citations within your responses. 
Your post should be at least 250 words. 


Week 6: Creative Writing
Week 6: Creative Writing
Quality leadership derives power from unique characteristics. It means having high morals that promote growth and development of subordinate that sustains performance of the organization. Quality leadership is about transformation where a leader inspires his followers to work hard and think beyond (Mohawk, 2002).
Factors responsible for creating organizational culture include high values and clear vision. This happens when hiring staff; the attitude and values are readily transmitted to new employees when organization emphasizes of its values and vision. Organization memory plays an important part; organization memory is information from the organization history that leaders use as a reminder of the organization purpose (Jean-Claude, 2003).
To transmit organization culture companies rely on symbols .symbols is the material object that connote meaning that extend beyond their intrinsic content. Organization uses slogans and statement of princi...
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