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DQS: Analyzing Adverts (Essay Sample)

Choose an advertisement from the Internet that illustrates one of the fallacies or appeals discussed in Chapter 10 of Steps to Writing Well. Explain what the advertisement is appealing to and whether or not the advertisement is effective. Provide a critique for two of your peers' advertisements. You can use Duke University's Ad* Access (http://scriptorium(dot)lib(dot)duke(dot)edu/adaccess/) to search for advertisements by category and time period. EndFragmentStartFragment Include the URL of the website where your advertisement appears, so that others in the class can also view and examine your advertisement. Steps_to_Writing_Well_2C_Edition_11.pdf source..

Analysing Adverts
Palmolive is a soap product that is targeting the middle aged women whose skin is now drying up and changing their complexion. It uses the emotional appeal of a middle aged woman who is now very sad that her husband does not take her out any more. As she talks to her mother for advice, her mother tells her it is probably because her skin, which used to be very lovely, is now dry and lifeless.Her mother advises her to use the Palmolive soap, which is made of the palm oils and olive oils, which are nature’s finest beauty aids (Palmolive Company, 1938). The argument is that the soap will be the best choice for her dry skin, as it will make soft and radiant with a refined texture. The advert also uses the doctor’s endorsement at the bottom, to imply to the audience that the soap is actually recommended by dermatologists, which is quite effective.
The Narragansett Electric Co...
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