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Analysis Of A Television: Porsche 911 Commercial (Essay Sample)


Answer the questions of a commerical


Porsche 911 Commercial
Porsche 911 Commercial
The plot of the story involves a young boy who is in class when he first experienced his first sight and moment of a Carrera 911 Porsche. From then on, he is hooked and even goes to the local dealership to sample one of the 911 Carrera on display. The narrative does not any tricks.
In the advert the main character is about ten years old, this forms the majority age of the rest of the classmates. The teacher in the commercial seem to be in her early thirties along with the sale rep at the car dealership. The teacher is female and seems to have college education and her personality is rather focused on a closed system of education and achievements. The sales man displays a rather open personality, while the boy shows ambition in its purest form. At a young age, he is sure of what he wants in life and how long he has to achieve. The characters’ faces show common strive in society along with their bodies, clothes and hair color. The voice of the teacher is average, much like that of the sales person. That of the boy though speaks of ambition. the commercial speaks to the ambitious in life.
The narrator is male and the advert takes place in a quiet town with props to enhance the advert. Color in the advert is not an emphasis but the lighting brings out the car and the contours on it, to show power and elegance. The cl...
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