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Fireside Chats Analysis (Essay Sample)

Please read the attachment document very carefully as it is the assignment guidelines/instructions as well as the assignment itself under "Paper 3 Assignment" written in Red. There must be a total of 3 sources that you need and the 3 required sources is in the attached document (the three "Fireside Chats" and the website used"). Before you start on the paper, please tell me what 'Fireside Chats" you chose. This assignment needs to be well written with no plagiarism. And please deliver it on time. No matter, still follow the assignment very carefully and cite properly. Again, only use sources that I have requested in the uploaded assignment document. source..
Fireside Chats Analysis Name: Institution: Date: FIRESIDE CHATS ANALYSIS Mr. Roosevelt expresses his concerns regarding the banking activities to the nation via the fireside chat. The deliverance of his message seems very embraceable especially when he uses the media to plead with the citizens, in requesting for corporation by expressing and admitting that he had received sympathy in the past week. His initial speech is able to catch the attention of the citizens, as he sounds humble and at the service and interest of the listeners, as he gives room for explanation of the past banking issues (Roosevelt, 1933). The representation is very impressive as he elaborates in depth about banking and many activities as well as services that take place in banking institutions, clearly showing that he is well informed. With his persuasive tone, it would be easy for the individuals involved in banking services like depositing and withdrawing would be patient. The banking crisis had affected many people involved in banking services and the former president made good use of the radio to reassure them that they could still trust the bank’s services after regaining its shape. This kind of an approach would fail considering the current political stature, where many opposition parties exist. Moreover, radio would not be the best medium to use in accessing all people, due to the rise of advanced technology. The fireside chat concerning the nation’s economic system vividly implies that the former president knows how to lure his audience. This is because of the way he appreciates the citizens’ response to his former speech, and even pardoning himself for n...
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