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Habitat For Humanity: Houses For The Needy People (Essay Sample)


Choose a non-profit advertising topic that interests you. Some examples can include Get out the Vote initiatives, food bank donations, or anti-smoking campaigns. As long as there is a not-for-profit motive, you can study it! You will be working on this topic for seven weeks on a fairly intensive project so please choose something you will want to put your heart and soul into for a good portion of your summer.
Tell me about your non-profit topic (1-2 paragraphs). What is the topic, what is the organization trying to work in this area? Why did you choose it?
I CHOOSE habitat for humanity
SWOT analysis (~2 double-spaced pages).
Discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for your topic and selected non-profit organization. Details on SWOT analysis can also be found in K&J Chapter 4.
As the textbook outlines, a SWOT analysis can include many aspects (see the “wheel of competitive strategy” on page 37 in your J&K textbook). You do not need to discuss every one of those aspects, but most likely more than one aspect will apply to each of the SWOT dimensions.
Citing sources: You must cite your sources using APA format. If you are unfamiliar with APA check out the resources at Purdue OWL: You can also take the easy way out by using Endnote and telling it to do APA format.
You do not need to cite the textbook for the SWOT analysis. What you DO need to cite is the information you provide about your topic and the non-profit you chose. Wikipedia is not considered to be a credible source; if you use Wikipedia as a starting point you should use the citations provided by Wikipedia to find the original source material and cite that material directly.

The document must be submitted in Microsoft Word format.


Habitat for Humanity
Author Name
University Name
Founded in 1976, Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit, non-government organization that builds decent and affordable houses for the poor and needy people. The organization was founded by a self-made, enthusiastic millionaire who, along with his wife, devoted himself to the welfare and betterment of the society. So far, they have served over 120,000 Americans. Habitat for Humanity receives up to $1.7 billion donations every year, becoming one of the best charities or non-profit organizations in the United States (Baggett, 2001).
SWOT Analysis
* Habitat for Humanity is a diverse network of sponsors and enthusiastic people who are ready to help others. Many of them donate a hefty amount every month, and volunteers are a part of this organization.
* Their disaster respo

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