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News Release for American Egg Board Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Write a news release using the principles and format(s) discussed in class and in the assigned reading in Smith, and summarized in the "News Release Basics" document posted in Resources.
The assignment:
Your client, the American Egg Board, has a new initiative, to promote the value of eggs for dinner. Eggs have traditionally been a breakfast food and the organization believes the public would be happy to expand their use of eggs if they were given good reasons to do so.
The specific target audience is adults 18-35. The Egg Board believes they can change habits among this audience and expand their enjoyment of eggs.
Make sure you provide three key messages at the top of the page. They need to be specific and in full sentences.
The release should be written in the journalistic third person. Write an attention-getting headline, sub-head and lead. Include one or two quotes that will help persuade. The release should be between 200 and 250 words, plus a boilerplate of approximately 100 words, which you can pull from the American Egg Board's website if you'd like.


News Release for American Egg Board
Your name
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February 11, 2018
Eggs as supplement for Achieving Daily Nutritional Requirements
Researchers have found that Eggs are important sources for inexpensive but high-quality sources of proteins and other vitamins, which could help eliminate nutritional deficiencies experienced by average American children.
American Egg Board (, n.d.); February 11, 2018 – The American Egg Board reiterated previous findings of the importance of eggs in providing the daily nutritional requirements for children. This is due to the fact that in most cases, eggs are taken for granted and are sometimes replaced by other staple foods such as cereals and the like. This could be detrimental especially for children who

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