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Disney Movies and Their Negative Influences Research (Essay Sample)


It is better an American's TV show or movie.

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Disney Movies and Their Negative Influences
Disney is one of America's popular cultural institutions. Disney comes in different forms from the Mickey Mouse to sleeping beauty to cars everyone has seen or is at least familiar with something from Disney. Most of us view Disney as a family friendly company that creates filled moral entertainment for the young people especially the children. Disney movies appear harmless on the surface, but what if they uncover the true meaning that is overshadowed by pink and princess.
Let us just begin by looking at one of the Disney movies called, "Tangled." The movie showcases Princess Rapunzel, who is a young girl who does not leave her tower until a handsome man arrives to protect her and then guides her to the lights that the young girl has been dreaming about. The storyline presents that the young girls need a man in their life who can protect them. As such, the Disney movies appear not to be reflecting the idea of a strong woman in the society. It trains the minds of the young girls to shy away from taking opportunities in the society by thinking that men are superior to them which is not true.
Another instance of the Disney movies is the "Sleeping Beauty", which is one of the conventional Disney princesses. When the princess is very young, a witch Maleficent curses Aurora who is the titular sleeping beauty to die when she pricks her finger on a spindle on her sixteenth birthday. However, some good fairies use their magic to change the curse only to make her fall asleep until she is kissed by her true love. Just as predicted, she pricks her finger on her sixteenth birthday and is captured by the witch. The prince then comes and saves Aurora, kissing her to wake her up. Eventually, they get married and live happily thereafter. The major problem is what lies between the lines of the script. To begin with, Aurora has been described as an extraordinarily beautiful woman, and the young girls who watch the film will understand that even if they are not directly told , that is the way that they should look. A girl will spend as much time as she can so that she will look as beautiful as the princess. It will make the girls not to appreciate themselves and look for other means of making themselves to be more beautiful. Also in the "Sleeping Beauty," Aurora's figure is as impossible as Barbie's for the humans to achieve. The issue is not only isolated to "Sleeping Beauty" but you will also notice that the issue is not isolated to the "Sleeping Beauty." All of Disney's princesses and even some of the female villains are impossibly proportioned and the others who are like Ursula of "The Little Mermaid," are still hyper sexualized to the point of absurdity.
The race is also an issue that can be seen throughout the Disney movies. The company started creating the ethnic minority princesses after they received criticism from the media years ago. Disney created movies that included Pocahontas, Aladdin, Mulan and Princess and the Frog. The ethic princess in the movies appears to be exotic and hyper sexualized. For instance, in the movie Aladdin, Princess Jasmine performs a seductive act to Jafar while Aladdin tries to steal the magical lampCITATION Reb16 \p 32 \l 1033 (Rebecca 32). This scene influences the young girls to think that they can use their bodies to get what they want in life. It is good that the young girls learn the dangers that are associated with exploiting their bodies.
The various princesses in the movie are also shown as being strong, masculine and the protectors of all the women. They appear never to cry, express feelings or accept the response. Beauty and the Beast is a good presentation of the factors above. The Beast kept Belle as a prisoner in his mansion and expressed extreme anger when she refused his authority completely. The Beast also d...
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