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Week 7 - Strategic Analysis Project: Conclusions Business Essay (Essay Sample)


This week, we're going to draw some conclusions about the company you chose. For your company, identify the following:
Time Sequence: This is nothing more than a detailed timeline for your objectives outlines in the week 6 assignment. Therefore, make sure you are as precised as possible, for those of you whose goals are to happen within a year provide the timeline quarterly at the minimum. Also remember to provide successive measurements over time. For instance, "Q1(January-March): Roll out mobile application in major cities in the east coast. Begin test markets in the Midwest for the mobile application. Q2 (April-June): Increase of mobile sales by 50%. Complete roll out of the mobile app in the Midwest., etc." You can use bullet points or a table for this section.
Pros/Cons: What are the Pros/Cons of the Assumptions/Strategies that you have decided upon.
Cost of reversibility: This section outlines the cost of reversing the strategy if it does not work out. What will it cost the company to return to where it was before the strategy was implemented? For instance, what if you invest in new machinery and you have to sell it for less than the purchase price? Use the information you provided in Assignment 6 to guide you in this analysis.
Summary/Conclusion: Please provide a discussion of what you have learned from the planning process in the assignments for weeks 5 - 7. What did you learn about the company? What did you learn about the company's financial situation? What have you learned about the different department/subsidiaries of the company?
52-Week High/Low: In the business world, investors usually do a 52-Week High/Low analysis looking at the highest and lowest price at which the stock trades in order to determine if there is a positive trend. For this assignment, look at how your company's stocks have traded over the past 52 weeks and review the high and low prices. In your submission, please explain whether you would sell, buy, or hold and why.


Strategic Analysis Project: Conclusion
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a great toll has been damaging the businesses in one way or another. This pandemic has had the businesses shift and redo their strategies and goals. Walmart is among the large business entities to have been suffering ever since the pandemic broke out. Although Walmart survives the pandemic because of the availability of online transactions, this mode of consumption has its drawbacks that may fail the business in no time. That is why utilizing necessary strategies will help Walmart sustain its services while minding the safety of its consumers.
Detailed Timeline for Walmart
Walmart will utilize cost-cutting, market research, and product development strategies to accomplish the plan to increase sales volume and profitability. A specified timeline for the market research is provided below to come up with better business opportunities amid the pandemic.
Market research will be conducted for a month.
Release new offerings like new snacks, liquors, general merchandise, textbooks, and pharmacy services. It will attract different types of consumers like kids, adults, students, parents, elderly, etc.
Promote the availability of the products. Consumers will need to know when and where their most consumed products will be available.

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