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Business law Painter Case (Essay Sample)

Hilda Homeowner said to her neighbor, Paulette Painter, "If you paint my house, I'll pay you $1,500. All you must do is finish by the end of the next month. My price assumes that you will pay for all of the paint and any needed supplies." Paulette decided to paint the house. She purchased some supplies as well as enough custom-colored paint to complete the job. On the morning that Paulette was about to begin painting, Hilda told her that she had changed her mind and would not pay Paulette to paint the house. Discuss the rights of the all parties in this situation. John Dee, one of the richest people in the world, was walking down the street in New York City, where he saw a man in tattered clothes on a bench. He said to the man, “If you come around the corner with me to the clothing store, I'll buy you a nice suit.” Having nothing else to do at the time, the man complied. However, when they got to the clothing store, Mr. Dee changed his mind. The man sued, alleging a unilateral contract had been formed: Mr. Dee had asked for an act, and the man had performed it. Discuss whether this was a unilateral contract or a gift. source..

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Business law are private and public laws that apply to conduct, relations and rights of persons or businesses involved in merchandising, trade, commerce and trade. These involvements between parties require contracts for legality of the agreement. Let’s take the scenario of Hilda and Paulette Painter; it is a violation of agreement because they entered into a quasi-contract and though they did not put their agreement on paper, they agreed upon a contract in this case taken as oral/implied contract, which is a legal substitute for a written contract. Its purpose is to promote justice and fairness among the two parties, for example, Hilda and Paulette Painter (Clarkson, 2012). Hilda is liable for breaking the contract thus should pay Paulette the expenses incurred for the purchased items and time spent. However, Hilda has a right to change her mind before Paulette starts working or when she is going on with the job, but she will have to reimburs...
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