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Ways that Information Systems have been misused (Essay Sample)


Research ways that Information Systems have been misused. Using the Internet, find an example of an organization that has misused Information Systems. Post your response to the discussion board. Respond to the following questions and, if appropriate, include personal experience as part of your answers: 
• Write a brief summary (250 words or less) of the example you researched.
• Explain how this impacted other levels of the organization.
• Explain how your example highlights the importance of information at various levels of an organization.
Please site your sources often.


Ways that Information Systems have been misused
Ways that Information Systems have been misused
Many organizations use information technology to do business; although information systems increase work productivity, employees often misuse them. The misuse of information systems is becoming rampant despite organizations having developed network defenses to stop attacks especially from the outside; the major threat still exists from the inside. For instance, employees who have authorized access to the computer system can obtain confidential company information and give it out to other competitors (University of Cambridge, 2015)
In one of the cases related to Ford Motors Company, an engineer copied thousand of confidential documents on an external drive and left the company to work for a competitor. It was estimated that Ford Company suffered more than $ 50million in losses (Monideepa, D’Arcy, Ofir, & Gupta, 2014). Xiang Dong Yu was a former General Motors engineer with access to the automaker’s hybrid technology; Yu was the product engineer for Ford Motors. He was able to access all the confidential information including design documents. Before he left the company for his new job, Yu copied more than 4,000 company documents on his external drive; the documents included system specification for the engine mounting of a subsystem (Monideepa, D’Arcy, Ofir, & Gupta, 2014).
The documents also contained electr...
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