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MGMT - 300 personal (Essay Sample)

Basic I will send you about my results of my personality . you need to read them and answer them matching my results of my personality . and I will send you exactlly what my proffesor need to be done . source..

MBTI result: Personality
MBTI result: Personality
ESFJs are friendly helpers good at getting organized jobs done. They get involved personally in their service. They posses helping skills used in traditional settings. ESFJs have no patience with detached analysis and theoretical advancement. They are caregivers and realistic. They are practical and get along well with groups. They are concerned with people`s affairs and experiences. This paper seeks to give a reflection on my MBTI personality type. Through my MBTI personality type, I will evaluate my past, current, and future interactions in organizational setting such as how my MBTI results align with the experience I have acquired, how the results affect my goals and plans for the future, and how I might leverage my MBTI results going forward.
From my MBTI results, I am an EFSJ. On a reflection of my MBTI results, I have demonstrated the ESFJ personality in my past and current interaction in the setting of an organization. I have enjoyed helping and meeting people. I am friendly, talkative, and outgoing. From this, I can confidently say that my future interaction in organizational setting will be much better. I will be much concerned about people and their feelings as I value relationships and eager to please in tangible and real ways. My ESFJ MBTI results align well with the experience I have acquired. I am now more caring and sympathetic about people. I have great energy for my activities, projects and friends based on people`s values.
My MBTI results affect my future goals and plans. This is because as an ESFJ, I will have to work hard as cooperative member of a team. I also get things done because am productive and responsible as an ESFJ. My future goals will also be affected as I am able to work much better and well with routine, follow sensible policies, rules and procedures. I also pay close attention to details.
As an ESFJ, I might leverage my MBTI results going forward through watching my tendency to get stressed in a highly tension or competitive environs, excessively socialize if I have to work alone, feel discouraged when am not appreciated, and make assumptions that the right way is the one have always used to get things done right. I can also leverage my MBTI results on my strengths as an ESFJ. I am hard working, conscientious, and organized. I have good memories for fine details relating to people. As an ESFJ, I also pride myself on my great common sense and my ability to exert huge amount of energy into projects and activities that I believe in.
It is true that as an ESFJ, I am able to get things done because of my commitment to see things done. I also excel when I plan and conduct an efficient, organ...
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