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Why be Good? (Essay Sample)

Please be clearly, simply,personally, and in an interesting manner-as if you were explain yourself to another person who really wanted to know what you thought. Thank you. source..
Why be Good
According to some people, to be good is to be a law-abiding citizen. It entails following the law in order to avoid fines and cases at courts. For children, being good means obeying parents to avoid punishments arising from disobedience. Christians take a person to be good when they love God and others as they love themselves. In essence, being good is the harmony a person has with society.
Being good is bringing about excellent morals to other people and being nice to them. I practice being good to people in order to create happiness and probably success. People tend to feel the joyful through good actions that often make them feel happy. It costs nothing to be good, but on the contrary, selfishness makes a person mean. With reference to being good, I develop a joyful sensation of joy when I help a person rather than act selfishly. Acting selfishly propagates misery life and pushes others away. It is necessary to have good friends rather than mean ones because good friends can be counted on. It is evident that being good develops into a character with time, which attracts many true friends. In addition, a good person can relieve the miseries of others using their good deeds.
The world would have been a better place to live without crime if people learnt to be good. Youths are mostly...
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