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Maketing: Implementation Plan of AllinOne (Essay Sample)


8. Organization
A marketing program needs a marketing organization to implement it. This section of the marketing plan may include an organizational chart with both current and projected positions represented.
9. Implementation Plan
a. The implementation plan shows how a company will turn plans into results.
To implement a marketing program successfully, hundreds of detailed decisions are often required.
b. These marketing tactics are detailed operational decisions essential to the overall success of marketing strategies. Unlike marketing strategies, marketing tactics involve actions that must be taken immediately.
c. Your assignment is to provide a detailed list of steps to carry out your Marketing Plan. The Student Sample (Bagels by the Bay) provides a brief example. Yours should be a little more detailed.
10. Evaluation and Control
a. The purpose of the control phase of the strategic marketing process is to keep the marketing program moving in the direction set for it.
b. In the control phase, the marketing manager compares the results of the marketing program with the goals in the written plans to identify deviations. The marketing manager then acts on the deviations to correct the negative and exploit the positive ones. The Student Sample (Bagels by the Bay) provides a good example.
Use AllinOne to do those questions, Bagels by the bay is only for guideline.




Institution Affiliation

AllinOne Company is owned by eight students from the University of Buffalo. All students have an equal number of shares, but have different ranks. Since AllinOne is a startup, the company will use a hierarchical organizational model. Among the eight pioneers of the company, there will be a senior manager, who will be in charge of daily management decisions as well as implementing short and long-term sales goals and plans. Two students will be marketing managers, whose main role will be assigning duties and setting sales target for the company. They will ensure that various shops around the countries are meeting the stipulated sales targets. In addition, marketing managers will make sure that strategies to promote AllinOne brand are in place and functioning. For instance, AllinOne being a relatively a new company, marketing managers will be vigorous in marketing the company’s brand using various advertisement channels such as social media, TV, among others. They will also conduct market research to help in the establishment of new markets and determining new trends in the market of writing materials. The remaining individuals will occupy other leadership positions such as human resources and innovation management. The company will also have employees working in various sectors as well as different parts of the country to ensure AllinOne pens reach customers from all over the country.

Implementation Plan

The implementation plan of AllinOne Company will involve various activities, which will be scheduled to start at different times. First, the promotion of the company will be done using various media such as newspaper, TV and social media to make sure the information reaches as many people as possible throughout the cou

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