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Labor and relation - 2 questions (Essay Sample)

> Order additional information/description For this assignment, you will read two minicases from your Labor Relations textbook and write a response to each one by answering some related questions. > > Before sending a document to your faculty member, be sure to include your name and the title of the assignment at the top of the document. When you save the document, include your last name, first name, and assignment title in the filename (e.g., smith_john_assignment1a).Steps > 1. Review the assigned readings for this unit. > > 2. Read the following minicases on p. 41 of your Labor Relations textbook: > > -The White-Collar Union Organizer > -An Overture from a Business Agent > 3. In a Microsoft Word document, respond to the related questions that follow each minicase. Your response to each question should be approximately 200-300 words and should include supporting evidence from your textbook readings if applicable. > I need to attact the minicases. source..
Question 1
The employee seamed never to understand the operations of the Office of Employees International Union. So it was important for Nancy to explain the necessity of the latter joining the Labor Union. First and foremost, the employee was to be brought to notice that trade unions not only bargain for better wages for the union’s members but also play bigger roles than that. For instance, through trade unions, the working conditions are supposed to be conducive for workers in order for them to execute their duties fully. Second, labor organizations have well stipulated rules for hiring, promoting and firing employees; there is no way that an organization will go a head to fire an employee without following the due procedures, and the employee also is bound to be promoted to another level as per his or her qualifications.
The office worker was more prejudiced and never new that he was working under the mercy of his employer. The trade union has a universal wage for employees in each job group; for example all employees say in job group L are paid the same amount of salary across the country. He was to be informed that joining the organization, his employment will be secure, his monthly salary will never be altered by his employer and also pr...
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