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Labor and relations (Essay Sample)

see attachments and add to already half finished assignment another page answering questions B section. I need quality and by the deadline. No extensions. client said it is 300-400 words all paper should be. and its only 4 questions, first part is already answered. source..
Labour Relations
Question 2
It has been said that “unions are for capitalism the same reason that fish are for water.” Elaborate upon this statement, drawing from the historical record.
It’s definitely true that “unions are for capitalism the same reason that fish are for water”; this is because just like fish would not survive outside the water realms capitalism is the real lifeblood of unions. This fact emanates from the historical perspective of the development of the American Unionism. At the onset the American Unionism was heavily characterized by socialism which played a significant role in shaping them. Even though the vestiges of the socialism influence still remains the majority of the modern day American unions “now accept and work within a system of modified capitalism or what is commonly referred as free enterprise”. The American worker is generally defined a high living standard, “ease of geographical and occupational mobility,” free public education and the historical background of the universal franchise. These plus various other factors have led to the American union to have at its core some form of economic activity devoid of dominating radical or religious doctrine . In a nutshell the Unions are primarily concerned with advancing the interests of the union members through pushing for better wages, hours and work conditions rather than social reform programs.
Question 3
Explain the following paradox: Until relatively recent years, skilled workers who enjoyed comparatively high levels of income and status constituted the main source of union membership.
The skilled workers who earned relatively better wages constituted the majority of the union members because they were the only ones endowed w...
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