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log302mod4ca (Essay Sample)

Warehouses of the Future Click HERE to link to the ProQuest data base or click directly on the journals below to read the following articles on future warehouse designs: Harrington, Lisa, (2007 May) Designing the Perfect Warehouse,, assessed July 5, 2010. Bob Trebilcock, (2008, Jan) The Multi-Modal Warehouse, Modern Materials Handling (Warehousing Management Edition) Boston: Vol. 63, Iss. 1, pg 40, 1 pgs. David Drickhamer, (2006, Feb) Changing Venue, Material Handling Management, Cleveland Vol. 61, Iss.2; pg 40, 3 pgs Chua, Sophia, (2007, Feb.) Warehousing: It's All in the Design, Manufacturers Monthly, Sydney, pg. 60. Trebilcock, Bob (2009, May) Kroger Changes the Game, Modern Materials Handling (Warehousing Management Edition), Boston: Vol. 64, Iss. 5; pg 16. After you have read the above articles answer the questions below in a 3-4 page paper: What are the major design issues that should be considered in building a warehouse and/or distribution center that will accommodate future trends in logistics? Discuss why it is important to consider the location of the warehouse network in the design of warehousing and distribution center facilities? Are the changes Kroger implemented in its grocery distribution system compatible with design layouts that attempt to optimize technological convergence, material flow, and automation? (Explain) Submit your assignment to CourseNet for grading by the end of this module. Assignment Expectations Demonstrating an understanding of the roles of technology, location, and facility layout play in supporting an effective logistics management effort is the major expectation for the fourth module case study assignment. It is expected that the paper demonstrate critical thinking skills, depth of understanding of key concepts, and logic in evaluating, synthesizing, and integrating recent innovations in automation and information technology when applied to the optimal design and layout of facilities. source..
Warehouse allocation Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (9 April, 2011) Warehouse allocation Factors to consider in design of a warehouse to offer for easy logistic Warehouse or distribution center should be successfully implemented through proper identification system to ensure that the warehouse is able to accommodate the future logistics. Some of the main logistics that should be looked at in building the warehouse are as follows; this will ensure that it offers the particulars that are of interest in the partition of the warehouse through the right knowledge of where to place the isles and racks for easy movement (Chua, 2007). It will offer the plan for the storage type that will be placed in the warehouse. Different consideration such as the racks, shelves cages vaults and floor areas will be able to be well placed and good variation in size will be considered for good logistic issues (Harrington, 2007). In addition, this will offer the option of the best materials that will be used in construction either metal concrete etc. the surface texture will also be put in consideration under this part. Physical characteristic will also offers the distance that will be required between one position to another to over forward flow of materials and information without backtracking. It will offer the best location of the data base wherr information about the logistics is stored. Inaccurate location of the warehouse will cause logistic issues to be costly and inefficient. Environmental factors are vital in the location of the warehouse, as either extreme of any element of environment will adversely affect logistics in the warehouse. Some of the elements that will be look...
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