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Literature Review Business & Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


The Research Report assignment will serve to
In this assignment, you will research a Canadian company faced with communicating a catastrophic event within the past five years, develop a thesis regarding how the communications were handled, and present your findings. (PLEASE GOOGLE IT)
The assignment includes two separate parts, the first being a Literature Review (FOCUS ON THIS PART), and the second being a Research Report. Your Literature review submitted in Unit 7 forms the basis of your Final Report.
Description for Part 1: Literature Review
The student will research a Canadian company faced with communicating a catastrophic event within the past five years. The student will develop a literature review to explain the communication strategies used by the organization.
Use the YU online library to perform a literature review. Follow these steps:
Step 1: Read
Review Unit 7 Readings and Tasks
Read the article and web resources on how to perform a literature review (revert to today's lecture).
Step 2: Research
Identify a Canadian Company faced with having to communicate a catastrophic event in the past 5 years. (Try googling Canadian companies catastrophic events)
Research the communications strategy that your selected company used to inform the public about the event.
Conduct additional research in the YU library to find academic articles that present theories that would explain the communication strategy used by the company you identified.
Review at least five academic or peer reviewed sources (IMPORTANT THAT YOU USED ACADEMIC SOURCES-Especially Books, journals).
Step 3: Write the Literature Review
Summarize the communication strategy used by the organization to communicate the catastrophic event (maximum of 150 words) (Identify the research problem in introduction and make a formal table of types of communication used in a company).
Summarize the generic communications strategies researched in # 3 above (Aim of the literature to be given in introduction).
Prepare and submit a literature review (750 words), which incorporates the summary of the communication strategy and information about generic communications strategies, to the assignment forum on the assignment due date (Important you write literature review on communication strategies in general. Do not say this company has done this or that :. Write like slide 11 of PPT, it clearly tells you about literature on communication strategies). PLEASE IDENTIFY THE GAP IN THE LITERATURE REVIEW. You can always use figures in Literature but remember the lecture we had and use only simple images / figures, you can draw your own to illustrate. For Gap, people often propose CONCEPTUAL MODEL / FRAMEWORK.
Make a summary table (type of strategy, main theme, pros, cons, references) It will not count in Word Count).
Draw a conclusion. Do not introduce new idea.
Review the submission details. (Proofread work)
Submission Details
Your overall submission should include:
Title page (include title, name, date, course code / title, instructor name)
The main body of the essay (introduction, body, and conclusion) should be a maximum of 3 pages (750 words, double spaced, 12-point font).
Introduction (explain what is contained within document – ​​should include a clear purpose / thesis statement)
Body (for each article reviewed, 3-4 relevant points related to topic, supported in one paragraph supported by at least one reference).
Conclusion (summarize the articles main points and how they relate to your proposed paper ’s thesis statement or main arguments, confirms what was said in body)
References Page (full references for all work cited in body) IMPORTANT TO USE REFERENCES, NOT ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY, FOOTNOTES, ETC. Only write references in reference list that is cited in text. I am expecting at least 10-15 APA references (minimum) .


Literature Review
Student’s Name
Research Question
1. Literature Review
What challenges did the Financial Post face when reporting about wildfires?
The Financial Post was reporting on the impact of Fort McMurray fires and the way it had destroyed a majority of buildings, making it a troublesome factor for insurers (Bouliane et al., 2018). The Financial Post would, however, not be able to report on the exact number of buildings that had been destroyed.
Scope of Review
This study only looks at the way the Financial Post reported on the issue of the McMurray fires. The study only asks for one source, and it is for that reason that the Financial Post has been selected to find out the difficulties that were faced in reporting about one of the deadliest recent fires in Canada (Chauhan & Hughes, 2018).

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