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International Business Communication Research Assignment


1. Totally two parts to write
The first part requirement is: 1)Compare culture: summarize your impressions of the seminar on 2/9. Discuss your findings and those of the others in the group. What are the possible advantages, uses or problems of frameworks describing national cultures? Which means has to compare the culture differences between each country, need to use Hofstede's Six Dimensions to analyze : individualism/collectivism,power distance,uncertainty avoidance,masculinity/femininity,Long-term Orientation Index,Indulgence/Restraint (Compare Sweden, China, America, UK. Also needs to say that they are my group members.)
Reference need to use my uploaded files and articles online.
2.Present and contrast the scientific articles discussed 31/9. Briefly summarize the articles, that is purpose/aim/research questions, theories used, method, findings and main conclusions, and discuss. Please also use the course book as a reference.
Select 4 articles to analyze, conclude their theory, method and make a summary for that. The article needs to chose from my uploaded article (4 articles)
Ps. Use APA style, make sure the essay looks nice.


International Business Communication
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International Business Communication
The role of communication in the corporate world is pervasive. Essentially, given the inter-relatedness and interdependence of global business institutions as well as the need to remain relevant in the global scene, most institutions commit themselves to trying to integrate more than one communication culture and pattern. Essentially, globalization necessitates the need for a multicultural corporate landscape.
Possible Advantages, Uses or Problems of Frameworks Describing National Cultures
Cultural differences in the global community have an influence on business operations. Without cultural disparities knowledge, cultural misunderstandings may hinder organizational progress. In permeating foreign markets, it is imperative that businesses strive to understand the prevailing cultures in the regions that they hope to operate in. This initiative transcends the need to inspire a following in the subject market, and to further understand the nature of the subject market. There are several frameworks that can be used in the assessment of cultural differences between countries. These frameworks fall under Hofstede’s dimensions of culture. Hofstede’s dimensions of culture frameworks include the Power Distance Index (PDI), Individualism (IDV), Masculinity (MAS), Uncertainty Avoidance Index (UAI) and Long-T...
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