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Policies on Aboriginals and the Canadian Workforce (Essay Sample)

Research essay on the impact of diversity legislation and policies on Aboriginal labour force participation. A critical understanding of equity and diversity management in the light of Aboriginal people in Canada's labour force. source..

Policies on Aboriginals and the Canadian Workforce
Aboriginals are defined as groups of people who occupied a particular territory from the beginning or in other words the indigenous inhabitants who lived in a specified region. In Canada, the common known Aboriginal people include the First Nations, Inuit and the Metis whereby Eskimo and Indian have basically plunged into disuse in Canada and therefore commonly considered uncomplimentary. In addition archaeologists have so far identified a few earliest sites of human habitation whereby these groups lived (Grubel, 2009).
The groups involved the Old Crow Flats and Bluefish Caves. Some characteristics of the Canadian Aboriginal civilizations include having permanent settlements, involvement in farming and animal keeping, civic and ceremonial architecture, complex social family hierarchies and trading networks. It has been noted that The Metis civilization of mixed blood initiated in the mid of 17th century when the genesis Nation which was a native Inuit married European early settler (Shipsides, 1989).
During this era, the Inuit had more imperfect communication with European colonizers .European immigrants and First Nations across Canada. In addition, various laws and treaties have been enacted between the European immigrants and First Nations across Canada whereby these rights especially to self-government provide chances to administer cultural, historical, political, as well as health care issues and at a point, economic control aspects within first people's communities. Moreover Canada has also set a National Aboriginals Day which rercognizes the cultures and contributions of Aboriginals to her history.
According to (Inc, 1997), there are several Impacts that have been achieved as a result of the Diversity Legislation and Policies on Aboriginals and the Canadian Workforce.  First, we have the Employment Equity Act in the Canadian law which basically entails managers to engage in practical service practices to increase the depiction of four designated groups namely like the Aboriginal peoples, women, people with disabilities and observable minorities.
This has been backed by the Act which states "employment equity means more than treating persons the same way but also requires special measures and the accommodation of differences". The  purpose of this act was to achieve equality in the workplace so that  nobody shall be denied employment opportunities or benefits for reasons unrelated to their ability and , in the fulfillment of the particular goal, to approve the conditions of shortcoming in service experienced by women, indigenous peoples which is a category that consisting of Status Indians, Non-status Indians and Métis , people with disabilities and associate of visible minorities by giving effect to the code that employment equity means more than serving people in the same way but also requires extraordinary measures and ...
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