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Target Corporation (Essay Sample)

I want you to pick an organization "Target Stores" to examine throughout the rest of the course. It may be one you work for or it may not, you will be examining this organization for all five modules of the SLP assignments. For this first SLP I want to know about the structure of your reference organization and its inventory management. In 2-3 pages tell me about the organization, make sure you cover following areas: 1) The name of the organization 2) Its primary business 3) Why you chose this business 4) Its inventory management procedures Submit this to CourseNet for grading by the end of this module. The paper should have a cover sheet and a references page, these do not count in the paper page count. You should have 2-3 pages of written text. Submit your assignment to CourseNet for grading by the end of this module. Assignment Expectations The expectations for the assignment focus on the work displaying an understanding of what is involved in inventory management and how effective inventory management benefits the reference organization. Specific elements of the assignment assess the selection feasibility and rationale of the case study organization to support the module topics. It is also expected that the work will show critical thinking skills in evaluating the effectiveness of current inventory management practices applied to the reference organization. source..

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(8, April 8, 2011)
Target Corporation
Target Corporation or otherwise known as Target is a retailing company that is based in US. It was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota by George Dayton as Day Dry Goods Company in 1902 (Target corporation , 2008). This company later opened Target Store in Roseville in 1962. It is from here that it grew to eventually become the largest Dayton Hudson Corporation that eventually changed its name to Target Corporation in 2000.
The company is the second largest discount retailer in US and ranked number thirty according to Target Corporation 2008, in the Fortune 500 in 2010. The company has put a stride in the expansion beyond US by announcing expansion to Canada on 13 January 2011. This will see the company operate about 150 stores in Canada through purchasing and leasehold of Canadian chain Zellers.
Target primary business
Target Corporation primary business is to operate general merchandise and food discount stores. The company offers household goods that include electronics, music systems, computer softwares and toys (Rowley, 2004). Other goods that they offers are apparel an accessories, jewelry and shoes. Home furnishings and decor consisting of furniture, lighting and kitchen wares are still offered in the...
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