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Working For A Tech Company Experience Of Change (Essay Sample)


Think of a change that you have experienced, in either your work or personal life. We would like to ask you to write a story about that experience. Here is a definition of a story to help you: A story expresses how and why life changes. It begins with a situation in which life is relatively in balance: You come to work day after day, week after week, and every- thing’s fine. You expect it will go on that way. But then there’s an event—in screen- writing, we call it the “inciting incident”—that throws life out of balance. You get a new job, or the boss dies of a heart attack, or a big customer threatens to leave. The story goes on to describe how, in an effort to restore balance, the protagonist’s sub- jective expectations crash into an uncooperative objective reality. A good storyteller describes what it’s like to deal with these opposing forces, calling on the protagonist to dig deeper, work with scarce resources, make difficult decisions, take action despite risks, and ultimately discover the truth.


Working for a Tech Company had always been my dream coming out of college; and this was realized only for a year before everything changed. It was a good start in life, I had the chance to work with some of the most experienced and talented colleagues. However, this went on for about a year and the company was sold to a conglomerate company. This meant that most of the leaders at the original company were laid off or simply chose to move on.
Working for the original company was blissful. Mike was the manager in our department and was one of the most charismatic and progressive leaders at the company. He used a transformational approach, where everyone on his team had the chance to contribute to the decisions of the department. This allowed for cohesion among the t

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