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Annotated Sources You Use In The Describe An Object From NY Collection (Annotated Bibliography Sample)


Hi, I placed the order "Describe one object from NY collection" and I need you to write an annotated bibliography. Thank you.


Annotated Bibliography
Ainsworth, Maryan W. Gerard David: Purity of Vision in an Age of Transition. Ghent: Ludion, 1998. Print.
The author, a senior researcher at Metropolitan Museum of Art, has examined the works of Gerard David (ca. 1455- 1523), a renowned painter of the fourteenth century who lived most of his productive life in Bruges. The author has focused on the factors such as accommodating foreign patrons, changes in the art markets and the evolution in the secular nature of painting that motivated David into bringing innovative and progressive changes in his work. The book has about 343 illustrations that include workshop copies and drawings for comparative study. Also, the author has reproduced 69 sixteenth century in superb colors. I chose this book because it was very resourceful in helping me understand the life of David Gerald and his works. The author has looked into his early life as an artist and the confrontations that he had with Ambrosius Benson who was an apprentice of David until around 1519 when there was a dispute between them on some drawings and paintings collected from various artists by Benson. The book is a museum on paper. I highly recommend it for every art student.
Friedlander, Max J. Hans Memlinc and Gerard David. New York: Praeger, 1970. Print. The book was translated from German and updated by including two thousand new illustrations to make it more useful and relevant to the users. The book is a revived work resulting from fourteen

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