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Business Ethics are moral standards of conduct expected of a business by society. Social Responsibility involves the philosophies, policies, procedures, and actions that have the primary goal of enhancing society. Let us apply the concepts.
SLP Assignment
Goal of this Session Long Project:
This assignment is the last of four SLPs where you will be building a bank of takeaways pertaining to ethical and/or unethical behaviors.
After reviewing this SLP scenario:
Express your reactions
Apply your own background/experiences
State important takeaways
Add other comments you would like to make.
Your SLP submission should be 2 to 3 pages of text, well organized, well written, and 100% error free. You may use first-or third-person voice. Write in full sentences. Demonstrate your critical-thinking skills. Be creative (for example, add color and/or small graphics).
*Note: In SLP 2 we introduced the importance of library research. So, in SLP 4 also support your arguments with sources from the Trident Online Library. This is an expectation at the graduate level.
Categorical Imperative: Part of Organizational Culture?
Read this SLP scenario :
In the fall of 2016, Samsung Electronics experienced a massive public relations disaster when its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones started exploding due to faulty batteries and casings. Initially, the company denied there were any technical problems. Then, when it became obvious the exploding phones posed a safety and health threat when they were banned from airplanes, Samsung accused its suppliers of creating the problem. In reality, the rush to beat Apple’s iPhone 7 release date was the most likely reason corners were cut in production. Samsung finally owned up to the problem, recalled more than two million phones worldwide, and replaced them with new, improved Galaxy Note 7s. The company’s response and its replacement of the phones went a long way toward defusing the disaster and even boosting the company’s share price. Whether management knew it, its response was Kantian. Samsung focused on the end (i.e., customer safety and satisfaction) with the motive of doing the ethically responsible thing.
Source: Byars and Stanberry (2018), page 54 CC BY
Bradley, J. (n.d.). Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethical Leadership. Small Business - Retrieved from http://smallbusiness(dot)chron(dot)com/corporate-social-responsibility-ethical-leadership-64123.html
Byars, S., & Stanberry, K. (2018). Business Ethics. Rice University, OpenStax. Retrieved from https://d3bxy9euw4e147(dot)cloudfront(dot)net/oscms-prodcms/media/documents/BusinessEthics-OP.pdf. pp. 83-88, 325-346. CC BY 4.0 license
Naeini, A., Dutt, A., Angus, J., Mardirossian, S., & Bonfanti, S. (2015). A shoe for a shoe, and a smile. Business Today. Retrieved from https://www(dot)businesstoday(dot)in/magazine/lbs-case-study/toms-shoes-shoes-for-free-cause-marketing-strategy-case-study/story/219444.html
Business Ethics: “The Magazine of Corporate Responsibility” http://business-ethics(dot)com/. [An online magazine published quarterly since 1987 “to promote ethical business practices, to serve that growing community of professionals and individuals striving to work and invest in responsible ways.”]
Corporate Responsibility Magazine (2019). 100 best corporate citizens, 2019. Retrieved from https://www(dot)3blassociation(dot)com/files/yMblCg/100BestCorporateCitizens_2019.pdf
Corporate Responsibility Magazine http://thecro(dot)com/. [This online magazine strives to provide corporate responsibility, sustainability and communications professionals a vibrant peer-to-peer network, actionable best practices and thought leadership, effective learning and professional development, and essential resources and tools.]
Corporate Social Responsibility & Ethical Leadership
SLP Assignment Expectations
This assignment will be assessed according to the following criteria on the SLP rubric:
Assignment-driven criteria: Demonstrates mastery covering all key elements of the assignment in a substantive way.
Critical thinking: Demonstrates mastery conceptualizing the problem. Multiple information sources, expert opinion, and assumptions are analyzed, synthesized, and critically evaluated. Logically consistent conclusions are presented with appropriate rationale.
Business Writing: Demonstrates mastery in written communications and a skilled, knowledgeable, and error-free presentation to an appropriately specialized audience.
Effective use of information: Demonstrates mastery in locating relevant and quality sources of information, using strong and compelling content to support ideas, convey understanding of the topic, and shape the whole work.
Citing Sources: Demonstrates mastery using in-text citations of sources, proper format for quotations, and correctly format full source information in the reference list using APA style (bibliography).


Corporate Social Responsibility; Ethics and The Future
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Corporate Social Responsibility; Ethics and The Future
Corporate social responsibility (CSR), Corporate Citizenship (CC), and business ethics are all friendly terms in the business world. However, the extent to which companies and corporate organizations go to ensure they maintain CSR, CC, or business ethics is what matters. A company may be the most profitable and have the best prospects, but its CSR or CC is diminishing. Therefore, such a company needs to find a way to revamp its CSR or CC to avoid ruining its reputation. This paper explores the topic of CSR by reacting to the SLP scenario of Samsung Electronics.
Samsung is one of the largest and most trusted electronics companies in the world. However, when the company decided to distribute faulty Galaxy Note 7s in 2016 to beat Apple's iPhone 7, its reputation suffered greatly. When questioned about distributing faulty phones, Samsung denied doing so knowingly. Yet, to stakeholders in the mobile phone industry, it was clear that Samsung had intentionally distributed its faulty Galaxy Note 7s. The actions of Samsung are not ones that reflect good corporate governance. According to Bradley (2020), good corporate governance also includes not exploiting people or the environment for material gains. By choosing to rush its manufacturing process and not paying attention to the quality of its final product, Samsung was seeking to maximize its benefits at the expense of the consumer.

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