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Can Our Potential For Leadership Be Developed? (Essay Sample)


What is your definition of leadership? Does it have something to do with leadership traits or characteristics? Can our potential for leadership be developed? Or is leadership an innate skill? Why ask such questions? Simply put, the clearer we are about what leadership means the more likely we are to improve our own leadership skills.


As a leader, I must first acknowledge the importance of effective communication and teamwork within the workplace. However, with the group I have, these values seem to be missing and will call for patience and initiative from my side and the side of the employees as well.
To get the best out of my team, I will first set a meeting where I will communicate my agenda and vision. Here, I will introduce myself and explain my expectations of each member of my team. I will aim to get to know the members and to set the stage for further interactions. This will be my first opportunity to effectively communicate the company's vision and my vision for the team.
Warren Bennis defines leadership as “a function of knowing yourself, having a vision that is well communicated, building trust among colleagues, and taking effective action to realize your own leadership potential” (Kirimi, 2007). This definition will play a big part in defining my leadership of this challenging group. As stated above, I will seek first to communicate my vision. The nest bit which is quite challenging is building trust among colleagues.
To build trust among colleagues, I will seek to meet each employee individually. From the summary of the issues plaguing the team, it will indeed be best if I meet each member. Upon meeting Malcolm, I will applaud him for his intelligence and his zeal to be the best. These qualities are indeed part of what got me to where I am. Therefore, I will encourage him to be more aggressive but also remind him that great leaders need others to get to where they wish to go. I will also remind him of the company policy that expects all employees to distance themselves from any and all kind of discrimination failure

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