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Developing a winning marketing strategy (Essay Sample)

Arimount, a well-known beauty and grooming company wants to launch a new deodorant product (BravoMax). The company's development and research department has created a new chemical that will allow deodorants to work for up to 5 days—even after showering. Arimount has been in the hygiene market for 20 years with an average return on investment. They would like to top the market share with this innovative product. 1. Describe how your company will address the five product levels: core benefit, basic product, expected product, augmented product, and potential product. (300 word answer) 2. Discuss the primary pricing objective for your company. What are some of the implications of your pricing decisions? (400 word answer) 3. Explain what type of packaging and labeling you will use to support your brand image. (400 word answer) ************please see attached*************************** source..

Developing a winning marketing strategy
Table of contents
TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc342392094 \h 2
Marketing Bravomax PAGEREF _Toc342392095 \h 3
Addressing the 5 product levels PAGEREF _Toc342392096 \h 3
Pricing Objectives PAGEREF _Toc342392097 \h 5
Packaging and labeling PAGEREF _Toc342392098 \h 6
Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc342392099 \h 7
Everyone in this world needs to be decent, good looking and having a pleasant smell as they move around. Been decent is not a matter of your outlook appearance alone but it incorporates your inner beauty which comes evidently when one is confident of themselves. Confidence is a product of one`s self realization of freshness as a result of daily shower every morning and having the right outfit for the occasion. This makes the day well, however, there are certain thing one should never forget before leaving the house; it does not matter whether you are attending an interview or not but having the character of grooming with the basics is worthy it. These basics includes; brushing your teeth, bathing with a good shower lotion, having a good lotion that suits your body type, and more importantly never forget to use your new deodorant. Having this kind of combinations will ensure you feel confident when socializing, hugging, and been in front of people.
Bravomax, the new product of Arimount one of the companies doing great in the beauty industry will take over the place for deodorants. This paper will address the new product, Bravomax, how Arimount will ensure its new deodorant product increases its market share and not only that ensuring it remains the market leader in the years to come. The innovation and development department have done all the necessary to have a well competitive product that will allow the deodorant work for more days that other products.
Marketing Bravomax
Determining the audience you are targeting is very crucial when...
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