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ENG/280: Rhetoric And Critical Thinking Individual Outline (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Please read the below for specifics. What I am asking for is an outline and a paper- they are both tied into each other but are for two different assignments. Please let me know if I need to submit two separate requests for this project. Bottom line is that what I need for my week 3 assignment is an outline for my week 5 paper/project. I will attach each of these instructions in a word doc too, so it's easier to read. Please feel free to contact me with questions. thank you so much.
ENG/280: Rhetoric And Critical Thinking
Wk 3 Individual: Outline and Questions
Assignment Content
Resource: The Center for Writing Excellence
Review the instructions for the Week 5 final assignment(below): Achieving Rhetorical Excellence. You will use the argument you select for this week's assignments.
Create an outline of your final assignment for the course, which is due in Week 5.
o Include at least 250 words of explanation, in addition to the outline in which you explain which outline items are arguments, which would be considered evidence of critical thinking, and how your planned paper will employ the essential techniques of critical thinking and argumentation successfully.
o See the Center for Writing Excellence site for guidelines on creating your outline.
o Center for Writing Excellence
o Reference and Citation Generator
o Grammar and Writing Guides
o Learning Team Toolkit
ENG/280: Rhetoric And Critical Thinking
Wk 5 Individual: Achieving Rhetorical Excellence
Assignment Content
For this assignment, you will choose a communication opportunity and select an approach and a format best suited for that situation. For example:
o If you wanted to start a small business, you could develop a business proposal aimed at investors, using a format that you feel best illustrates your business plan.
o If you were supporting some specific political action, you would adapt both your rhetoric and format to persuade either members of Congress or voters to support the political changes you are advocating.
Craft a communication for a specific audience that responds to a pressing issue that is important to you.
Fashion your communication's rhetorical approach (voice and style) to make it likely to successfully persuade the specific audience. Your rhetorical approach should fit the communication situation, as should your rhetorical appeals, the nature of your argument, and the nature of your evidence.
Select the most appropriate format (medium) to present your communication. Examples of possible formats include the following: (I am shooting for the 5 page written essay or series of essays)
o 5- to 7-minute recorded or written speech
o 5-page written essay or series of essays
o Series of at least five one-page satirical editorials
o A brief piece of propaganda, such as a 5- to 7-minute podcast or video
o Include a 200- to- 400-word explanation of your choices:
o Clearly and specifically explain your target audience (community).
o The reason you chose this genre and format to reach them.
o Identify how you applied ethos, pathos and/or logos in your presentation/product.
Format your assignment consistent with MLA guidelines. (Students who are not enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in English may use APA style without penalty.)
Submit your assignment.
o Center for Writing Excellence
o Reference and Citation Generator
o Grammar and Writing Guides
o Learning Team Toolkit


Professor’s Name:
Due Date:
Upholding the Roe vs. Wade
Currently, the media is awash with stories about the states of Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, and Mississippi, among others, which have passed some laws to restrict abortion. Of the above, Alabama has the strictest laws for expectant women as well doctors responsible for performing abortions could be at risk of answering to the law. Abortion continues to take center stage in America even after the Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973. According to the CDC, data from 2015 indicates that abortion rates in the United States have been decreasing. In 2015, abortion rates were at 19% or 638,169. This translated to 11.8 abortions in a thousand women and 188 abortions in a thousand live births. However, since the 1980s, abortion rates have been reducing even as the anti-abortion groups continues to wage their war against pro-choice. These attacks often and always lead to the Roe v. Wade ruling, which is currently under siege. This ruling is always framed in a ‘rights’ perspective and proponents and opponents of the ruling overlook the bigger context of the ruling and apply it to bolster their opinions CITATION Zie09 \l 1033 (Ziegler). With states like Alabama instituting laws that are all but barring abortion, it is fair to assume that the Roe v. Wade ruling is at risk. President Trump has also been vocal against this ruling, and it remains to be seen what the future holds. Well, it does make sense to want to offer every person a chance to grow and enjoy life. However, while the above does seem reasonable, it is simply wrong to force women to bear children, especially when their health or the health of the child is in danger, or they are not financially competent to bring up the child or when the child was conceived in forgettable circumstances.
Why Do Women Abort?
Before getting into the gist of the matter of this essay, it is crucial first to determine the reasons why women choose to abort. The anti-abortion camp often fixates over the reasons which paint women as heinous individuals. However, many ceases to remember that there are other reasons why women may choose abortion rather than having a child.
First of all, women abort when abortion is the safest option. Limiting abortion access contributes to poor maternal health outcomes CITATION Anu18 \l 1033 (Ravi). There are instances when giving birth could result in complications for the mother or the child. In other instances, the mother is forced to make the choice of either aborting or sacrificing their lives for their child. Decisions like these are mentally taxing for women. Women should have the power to decide what happens to their pregnancy. Some women abort because they fell pregnant as a result of rape or incest. Such an ordeal can only be explained and understood by the victim. Rape and incest leave the victim with horrific memories. Asking someone to carry and deliver the physical evidence of an ordeal as heinous as rape is unfair to ask.
Some women are not financially competent or endowed to support a child. In the long run, this could make the society poorer. According to CITATION Joh011 \l 1033 (Donohue and “), Legalized abortion ap

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